Procreate is creating a new graphics engine and the facility to import Photoshop brushes

Procreate is getting some extreme new brush customization tools for the go-to iPad illustration app much better for professional artists.

Its developer, Savage Interactive, reported that the features would be part of...

Quibi is partnering with the BBC to create global news show for millennials

The BBC and Quibi are partnering up to create a new regular global news show for millennials.

This show will be recorded in the Beeb’s central London headquarters for five days a...

Spotify Obtains SoundBetter, A Music Production Marketplace

Spotify took another step in its attempt to build-out services. 

It has obtained SoundBetter, which is a music creation marketplace for artists, producers, and musicians to unite on specific projects.

It is also... Raises $9 Million To Become The Social Network of the Gaming World

While first launched, the company was an opportunist trying to be the social network for the gaming generation.

Since its introduction in February, the clipping and messaging service for gamers has...

Tile to launch its lost item finding technology to Google Assistant

Tile declared that it is merging with Google to make it simpler for users to find their lost items using their Android devices.

For the unknown, Tile is a small hardware accessory...

AppZen seizes $50M to create AI tools for expenses and other finance teamwork

AI presently reaches every phase of how a company operates.

This includes building the core service itself, customer interactions, developing new things, and helping with ordinary paperwork and other back-office tasks. 

AppZen is...

The Vivaldi browser arrives on Android

Vivaldi has long advertised itself as a browser for exceptional users who want to customize their browser to their heart’s content.

With that purpose, it accomplished to get a foothold in the...

Volocopter raises $55M For Flying Taxi Service

The commitment of flying cars has become an idea more compatible with the tech world’s deficiencies than its exciting potential.

But now one of the startups that are focused on genuinely attempting...

Everything To Know About Quantum Computing

The Past And The Future Of Quantum Computing
Today, it's difficult to imagine life without computers. However, the computers we know today started its journey with a 19th-century mathematician named Charles Babbage....

Shopify obtains 6 River Systems for $450 million to grow its AI-powered fulfillment network

Shopify has announced that it is acquiring 6 River Systems, a startup centered on fulfilling automation for e-commerce and retail operations. 

This deal is estimated at approximately $450 million, which is 60%...

Adarga concludes £5M Series A funding for its Palantir-like AI platform.

AI startup Adarga has sealed a £5 million Series A fundraising by Allectus Capital. 

But this news cloaks the point that it has been developing a source of steam since its founding...

Google’s Pixel 4 Finally Gets a New Color

By now, it is evident Google isn't very subtle with its launches. The tech giant has been dropping several hints now and then about its new Pixel 4 lineup. Recently, the...

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Google to Make the Biggest Purchase of Renewable Energy in History

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Mercedes-Benz Partners with Micro to Launch E-scooters

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Roku TV is Coming to the UK with Hisense’s Upcoming Sets

Roku is taking its TV operating system outside of North America for the first time, the company had announced at IFA.

Hisense UK will launch...

Fairphone 3 Receives A Perfect 10 from iFixit for Repairability

Here is something the hermetically sealed iPhone cannot do; secure a perfect 10 for repairability.

Social enterprise and Smartphone startup Fairphone's current repairable-by-design smartphone has...

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