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AI, from being a distant reality seen only in Hollywood movies, has become our reality. Right from helping mankind achieve impossible feats, to reducing labour work, read all about the latest advancements in AI!

What is artificial intelligence?

There’s lack of clarity on what exactly artificial intelligence is supposed to do, but this is probably because of the endless scope it has. According to researchers, today AI is referred to machines which respond to stimulation that are consistent with traditional human responses. These machines aim to respond with the level of judgement, contemplation and intention humans have. AI machines and software systems also aim to understand and analyze situations and make decisions which normally require human level of expertise and judgement. If you are as intrigued by the world of artificial intelligence as we are, you’ve arrived at the right place as we, at iTMunch, continuously write about AI news and artificial intelligence trends.

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The Importance of artificial intelligence

According to experts and researchers, the field of artificial intelligence typically revolves around either of the four different approaches: 

  1. Acting humanly 
  2. Acting rationally 
  3. Thinking humanly 
  4. Thinking rationally

Today, artificial intelligence is applied in every major industry including healthcare, e-commerce, retail, banking and financial services, logistics and transportation, entertainment, gaming, travel and manufacturing. Even in organizations, AI-powered software, tools and platforms are used almost on a daily basis for enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.AI is also used heavily to provide customized and personalized recommendations to online shoppers. It is also a crucial part of commerce and is used for planning inventory and optimizing products. If you are working in the AI industry or are simply interested in artificial intelligence, iTMunch brings to you the latest AI news, AI events and reviews.

Latest AI news on iTMunch

As experts in technology, we look for the most interesting, relevant and trending content related to AI news for our readers who have keen interest in this domain. We write about artificial intelligence latest news that revolves around companies that focus on developing AI software tools and platforms. The AI news we cover is about artificial intelligence companies who are working towards making this technology a little better day by day. 

Specifically, we cover AI news about organizations in the AI industry entering strategic partnerships with other tech companies, raising funding for research and development and launching new AI-based software and products.

Apart from AI news, iTMunch also writes highly researched articles about how certain branches of artificial intelligence, like machine learning and deep learning, work, function and benefit us in the real world. We try to explain complex algorithms behind these technologies and break it down in easier language so that everyone can understand. Read about artificial intelligence trends and AI news, only on iTMunch.

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