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Remote work startup Firstbase raises $13 million

Scottish startup Firstbase has secured $13 million (£9.3 million) in a Series A funding round. The round was led by Andreessen Horowitz and involved participation from Alpaca VC and B Capital...
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Vodafone partners with Google over data analytics

Technology giant Google and telecom operator Vodafone Group Plc have entered a partnership to jointly develop data services. Approximately 1000 employees in Spain, Britain and the United States from both companies...
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Effects Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Technology Sector

The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. Every kind of business and every profession had to upgrade them self and that has lead to...

IBM to buy Turbonomic for more than $1.9 billion

Multinational tech company IBM has announced the acquisition of Turbonomic, an artificial intelligence-based app and network performance management vendor. IBM reportedly paid Turbonomic an estimated US$2 billion in this transaction. The...
Sezzle IPO | iTMunch

Sezzle plans IPO in the US to cash in on BNPL boom

US-based fintech Sezzle Inc announced that it will be soon filing for an Initial Public Offering in the United States. It will file for listing to tap investors in the BNPL...
tech companies help India fight Covid-19

How global tech giants & Indian companies helping India fight COVID-19

As the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic takes over India, the country continues to experience a surge in cases and is faced with issues like hospitals filled over capacity and need...

MSI PS321QR review: Everything about the gamer/creator monitor

With advancements in display technology in the last couple of years, the market divided into two major groups: creators who prioritize color and gamers who prioritize speed. MSI Creator PS321QR aims...
Google Privacy Sandbox | iTMunch

What is Google Privacy Sandbox & its effect on the ad tech industry

Advertising with Google is a great way of generating revenue for both advertisers and Google. However, if the search giant's ecosystem is at risk if it doesn't keep up with the...
social media content calendar | iTMunch

8 tips to create a social media content calendar + Free Template

Staying on top of your social media game is not an option anymore for businesses. The leading companies and top social media marketers prefer planning and organizing their content way before...
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Deloitte Australia names Adam Powick as CEO

The partner team of Deloitte Australia has voted Mr Adam Powick to step into the role of the firm's next Chief Executive Officer. The role was vacated by Richard Deutsch after...
Airwallex logo | iTMunch

Airwallex said ‘No, thank you’ to a takeover bid by Stripe

Airwallex, an Australian payment startup said no to a billion-dollar acquisition offer from Stripe (a global payments giant) in the year 2018. It knocked back the offer from the Silicon Valley...

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