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The global gaming industry is predicted to cross $180 billion in the year 2021. Technology has drastically impacted gaming. Gaming technology industry is constantly helping in building better and bigger games. The industry has been focused on innovating everything from gaming platforms to monetizing strategies. It is always coming up with new ways of making the gaming experience of gamers better. So, if you are interested in the latest gaming news, iTMunch is just the place for you. 

Developments in gaming technology

Undoubtedly, gaming has come a very long way. There have been some mind blowing advances in gaming technology. Facial recognition, voice recognition, gesture controls, high definition displays, virtual reality and augmented reality are just a few advances in the industry that have contributed massively to the change in gaming technology. At iTMunch, we cover the most relevant and latest gaming news so that you are updated with the gaming technology trends and updates. 

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Moreover, with the advent of smartphones, games are available right at the fingertips of gamers. The gaming experience, which was once only accessible in arcades and living rooms, has now been put into the palm of gamers’ hands. Cloud gaming is one of the most groundbreaking advances in gaming technology that does not require gamers to purchase expensive gaming consoles or be limited by the memory discs. Another brilliant advent was on-demand gaming which is the ability to stream video games on a subscription basis. 

At iTMunch, as gaming technology lovers, we also write the latest gaming news about the newest and most enjoyable online games. We are gaming geeks who look closely at how gaming has developed over the years and how technology influences our gaming wants, needs, tastes and preferences.

In our latest gaming news blogs, we write about PC Games, Mobile Games and online video games. To keep you informed about the latest gaming news on iTMunch, we also write about the newest updates from gaming studios like Nintendo, Valve Corporation, Rockstar Games, Sony Computer Entertainment, Ubisoft, Sega Games Co.,Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Bioware, Naughty Dog Inc. As a gaming reviews website, we also publish honest reviews on games like FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, Starcraft 2, Super Mario, Counter Strike, Cyberpunk 2077, World of Warcraft and many more.

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