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All over the world, there are many startups who work hand-in-hand with technology to innovate a new product that can help humans. To know more about these tech startups, keep reading iTMunch.

What are tech startups?

By definition, a startup is a business, a company or a temporary organization that is on the lookout for a scalable and profitable business model. Technology startups or tech startups are companies whose main purpose is to bring out new tech products and services to the market. These tech startups focus on delivering tech products and services or even delivering existing tech products and services in new and enhanced ways. These tech startups, typically newly created, are in the research and development phase until they can come up with a product or service that can impact people’s lives greatly. Some examples of world renowned startups are Uber, AirBnB and Lyft. Few of the largest, reputed and renowned companies in the world today, including tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple, were once technology startups. Apple revolutionized home computing, Google revolutionized online search and Facebook revolutionized how people connect and share with one another online.

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Why should you know about startup tech companies?

Everyday, more and better tech startups are emerging in the world that are focused on creating and delivering cutting-edge efficient software, tools and platforms. These platforms are built keeping in mind the needs of organizations and the end consumers. Tech products by startups are designed to either bridge a gap in any industry or provide a better, more efficient and time-saving way of doing something.

Tech startups might be small companies but play a key role in the economic growth of a country. They help in creation of more jobs, which ultimately increases employment and means an improved economy. Not just that, tech startups also contribute significantly to economic dynamism by injecting competition and inspiring innovation. This is because entrepreneurs of brilliant tech startups come up with groundbreaking ideas to the table, stir innovation and ultimately generate healthy competition.

Tech startups might start small, but if planned properly, they can transform the cities where they operate. Look at how Google transformed California, Alibaba changed Hangzhou and Infosys impacted Banglore. Technology startups have the ability to improve patterns of employment by providing great job opportunities to both freshers and experienced professionals.

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