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    Project Plan Strategy Management Task Venture Concept

    What is project management?

    What is Project management, what does a project manager do and how can your company use project management to achieve a competitive advantage? We answer all these answers and more in this guide.  SEE ALSO: 9 Must-Have Features in a Cloud Business Process Management (BPM)...

    Best Workspaces in Australia

    LinkedIn has recently release a list of companies that are currently the top runners for being the best workspace in Australia. Along with the traditional banks and consulting firms companies like ResMed, Bosch, Woolworths Group, IBM, Amazon and Google’s appearance on the top ten spots...

    Privacy Threat: Lightshot app

    With rapid digitalization in almost all the fields, data security and internet privacy are topics that have attracted raging concerns. If you are surfing the internet and like something you see, and want to refer it later all you need to do it take a...
    Podcasts | iTMunch

    The Future of Podcasts in 2020

    Before we dive into a lengthy explanation of podcasts and their future, let’s take a look at the word “podcast’ itself. It was first mentioned in a 2004 Guardian newspaper article by Ben Hammersley. The “pod” of the podcast is borrowed from Apple’s iPod; the...