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iTMunch is your primary source portal for exploring the world of marketing that includes the latest market trends, technology in marketing, etc. Keep reading iTMunch for the latest advancements about the current market!

What is marketing technology?

Martech sounds like a complex term but in reality, it is not as complicated as it sounds. Martech is short for marketing technology and is a general terminology used for the tools, software and platforms that enable you to market better and smarter. At iTMunch, we write about the latest marketing technology news, updates and trends to keep you updated with what’s newest in the marketing industry.

If you use software like Google Analytics (to track your website performance) and a few online platforms to schedule your social media posts, then you are already using martech products. In the 21st century, almost every organization, small, medium or large, uses some form of marketing technology tool. It not just helps you in effective communication but also in being on top of your competitors in the market. To stay on top of your game and to continue leading the industry, it is important for your organization to get acquainted with and stay updated with the latest marketing technology news, trends, events, etc. and iTMunch helps you in doing the same.

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Your daily dose of marketing technology news

At its very core, martech is that technology which has been designed to help you achieve your marketing and advertising goals with ease. Not just create, using marketing technology can also help marketing teams execute, measure and analyze the success of your marketing efforts. We, at iTMunch, love researching and writing marketing technology news about the latest software that is being developed for the same purpose.

With the advancement of information technology, everyday more and better marketing tools, platforms and software are emerging. If you are working in the marketing industry or have a business, it is imperative for you to stay updated with the newest forms of marketing technology news and we help you in the same. We cover the latest marketing technology news, trends and updates about martech software, tools and platforms so that you don’t miss out.

Marketing automation news

Marketing automation is the use of tools, software platforms and tech designed for the marketing function in an organization to more effectively market on multiple online channels at once. Basically, marketing automation tools are all about the automation of repetitive marketing tasks. It is the use of web-based services to execute and manage marketing processes. It essentially replaces manual and laborious processes with purpose-built applications and software which ultimately save a marketer’s time. iTMunch covers the most relevant marketing technology news about groundbreaking marketing automation platforms that have made a dent in the world of marketing. Moreover, martech tools help your marketing team in creating more effective campaigns, designs and assets. We also cover marketing technology news about such tools. To know the pros and cons of a few marketing automation tools, read our martech reviews.

Marketing tech news on iTMunch

On our platform, we write about marketing technology news that revolved around the launch of new tools, martech automation news, martech partnerships, collaborations, acquisitions, organizational restructures, etc. Apart from marketing technology news, we also cover the most martech events.

So, if you want a dose of marketing technology news, in addition to news about IT, finance, artificial intelligence, etc. keep reading iTMunch. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest marketing technology news.

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