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      What is E-mail Marketing Service?

      Email marketing is a cost-effective strategy to reach out to specific as well as random customers. Content related to your product or service is conveyed to prospective customers (those who are most likely to respond) through an email. With this marketing tool, your message reaches the specific type of customers you seek.

      Why Choose Us As Your Email Marketing Service Provider?

      Using 9 million user data and our robust email marketing automation tool, we’ve assisted 150+ global brands in crafting over 3600 refined, effective email marketing campaigns. Our arsenal of tools optimizes inbox delivery and open rates. What sets us apart from other providers is our proof-of-concept approach, sharing meticulously planned email marketing strategies. We provide email templates and landing pages for your approval before campaign launch. What truly distinguishes us is our commitment to transparency. With iTMunch, you receive engagement history, online statistics, lead IP addresses, timestamps, and more. We take immense pride in consistently fulfilling client commitments, going above and beyond to ensure timely delivery of promised results.

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      9 million user data

      We have acquired 9 million user data though our email marketing efforts.

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      15% Engagement Rate

      Our email marketing campaigns see an average of 15% engagement rate.

      Successful Campaigns

      3500 Successful Campaigns

      We have successfully set-up 3500 campaigns for our clients.

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      24 Hours Set-Up Time

      We have the capabilities to set-up your email marketing campaign within 24 hours.

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      Scalable Solutions with International Email Marketing Service Partner

      Reach audiences worldwide effortlessly and amplify your brand’s presence with our tailored email marketing services. Elevate your campaigns to a global scale, driving engagement and conversions across diverse markets. Let us empower your outreach strategy, delivering personalized and impactful messages that resonate universally.

      How iTMunch makes the most of this tool

      Provide us your content

      Provide Us Your Content

      Send us your content, and we’ll come up with a 360-degree email marketing plan for you. If you don’t have content created already, we can create persuasive, efficient content reflecting your brand’s identity according to your requirements.

      Get Proof-Of-Concepts

      Get Proof-Of-Concepts

      With a high-level of competition, consumers are spoilt for choice, and predicting consumer behavior can be extremely difficult. Hence, we’re a leading email marketing service company that always comes up with proof of concept before deploying email marketing campaigns.
      Email sent to preferred database

      Email Preferred Database

      Customers are extremely wary of spam emails, and constant communication with an individual who doesn’t want to hear from you can lead to a negative experience. Our custom automation tool ensures your content reaches your preferred set of customers, so you get genuine leads.

      Leads are shared with you

      Leads Are Shared With You

      Verified contact information of prospective customers who’ve responded to your email campaign is shared with you. While rendering our email marketing services, we practice 100% transparency and, more importantly, real-time lead suppression – both internal and external.

      Our Testimonials

      Like What You See?

      If you are interested in email marketing for your business, reach out to us. We are here to assist you to reach your business goals!

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      Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy where businesses send emails to a group of recipients to promote products, services, or build relationships with customers.

      Email marketing is cost-effective, has a wide reach, and allows you to engage with your audience directly, making it an efficient way to promote your brand and drive sales.

      iTMunch provides end-to-end email marketing services, including campaign setup, content creation, and analytics, to help you effectively utilize email marketing for your business goals.

      Yes, we offer 100% transparent email marketing services, ensuring you have full visibility into the campaigns, results, and costs.

      Yes, we can create customized email marketing campaigns tailored to your specific needs, starting from the initial concept to design and execution.