According to the latest startup news, a France based Startup Company; Riminder has recently raised a $2.3 million funding round from various business angels. The different business investors that have funded Riminder include Xavier Niel, Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Romain Nicolli, Franck Le Ouay, Thibaud Elziere, Dominique Vidal and Fred Potter.

Riminder has been working on building a deep learning-powered tool for sorting applications and resumes. This French startup’s AI tool won’t be replacing the HR department completely but will be useful for saving a lot of time, resources and money.

Deep learning tool for HR created by Riminder | iTMunch

This platform can be integrated into various channels that businesses use to collect resumes from various sources. Riminder then makes use of optical character recognition for turning to convert PDFs, images, word documents, and more into text. Raw text is then turned into useful data for understanding all job positions.

Based on internal and public data the service will rank the applications. Making use of an API, companies can integrate their current HR solutions with Riminder. Riminder is equipped with smart features that allow businesses to potentially make use of the same HR platform.

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Riminder believes that with the help of artificial intelligence for the purpose of recruitment, unusual candidates can surface. Riminder will help overlook all such applications providing a perfect recruitment solution to various organizations.

Riminder plans to make use of the collected $2.3 million for opening a company in San Francisco in order to increase their clients.

The company also aims to help HR teams to get straight to the point and interview the right and top candidates on the list.

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