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    Author: iTMunch

    Football Training session

    The Top Indian Football Coaches of All Time

    The realm of Indian football is a testament to the country’s growing prowess and passion for the sport. Amidst the rise of football clubs and the burgeoning talent pool, a few individuals have stood out for their exceptional coaching acumen, shaping the course of football...
    Spolto Football Player Universe

    Football Scholarships in India: An Overview

    Football in India has been growing exponentially, with the Indian Super League (ISL) and I-League bringing the game closer to millions. This burgeoning interest has also led to an increased focus on nurturing young talent. One of the key avenues for young footballers to develop...
    Startup Costs & Expenses

    7 Proven Ways to Reduce Startup Costs & Expenses

    Starting a business is an exciting venture that demands careful planning and strategic financial management. In the early stages of a startup, finding ways to minimize costs while still achieving growth is crucial for long-term success.  Effective cost management ensures that your business stays afloat...


    Hydrodemolition robots or hydro demolition machines are developed with a focus to remove concrete in an environment-friendly way. The goal is to make it safe, easy, and efficient to obtain the best possible result during concrete removal.  Hydrodemolition robots are classified as a type of...