According to the latest startup news, Talla, a Boston-based company, is expanding its artificial intelligence software into the sales business. By infusing AI with knowledge plan they have recently released version 2.0 of Talla Intelligent Knowledge Base.

Along with its announcement about the release of the latest version of Talla, they also announced that Paula Long, the CEO of Data Gravity had joined their team as SVP of engineering.

About Talla

Talla was founded in 2015 and is based in Boston, MA. For more than 2 years they have been building AI-powered products. Along with Intelligent Knowledge Base, they have also previously launched Botchain, a blockchain platform for autonomous agent communication and security. Their chatbots are useful for HR workers to increase their speed and become more productive. The company makes use of machine learning and natural- language processing for creating software that is smarter than the average bot.

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About Talla’s AI-Powered Software

The tool integrates customer content with automation, machine learning, and chatbots. This software was designed to help teams that work with customers get at the required information faster. The machine learning factor will help the software improve its timing eventually.

The product can be deployed as a widget on the user’s website and can provide customers direct access to the information. However, the most useful feature of this product involves sales, customer service, and customer success teams get access to the most relevant and latest information. The tool has been designed to record elements such as product pages and FAQs in the knowledge base. If there is no adequate information to a question asked by a customer, the tool exposes the gap in knowledge for the user.

Rob May, company founder, and CEO says “It really shows you the unknown unknowns in your business. What are the questions people are asking that you didn’t realize you don’t have content for or you don’t have answers for? And so that allows you to write new content and better content.”

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What Could this AI-powered Software Mean for Users?

CEO Rob May explains that the new software is to salespeople as an exoskeleton is to a construction worker. Rather than spending hours looking through numerous pages of information, the sales rep will be able to find exactly what they want with this tool, making their work faster and more efficient. Following this, the AI-powered software will be able to take the next step automatically like updating a customer address.

A point that is worth noting about Talla is that as they build up the number of tasks that can be automated, they are inevitably creating a computerized employee with amazing efficiency.

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