An increasing number of unique dental brands has been drawing money from venture investors who are still booting themselves for missing runaway hits. 

Most well-known amongst these breakout companies is the newly public SmileDirectClub.

It sells teeth-straightening products straight to consumers and is loved by analysts even though its parts have slipped since its September IPO.

A Trend Of Teeth-Related Startups

Following are the many teeth-related startups that are lately drawing private funding is Swift Health Systems.

A five-year-old organization that makes transparent braces under the brand INBRACE just raised $45 million from VCs.

Henry, the Dentist, is a two-year-old, transportable dental clinic which raised $10 million earlier this year.

Quip, a five-year-old, is the inventor of electric toothbrushes and oral care products that have earned roughly $62 million from investors.

However, a new company called Tend is exceptionally notable, and not only because it just raised $36 million in seed and Series A funding, which it did, managed by Redpoint Ventures.

The Story of Tend 

First and foremost, Tend marks an occasion to reinvent the Dentist’s office. 


With tech-savvy dental “studios” that “prioritize” your convenience by featuring smooth waiting areas. This promises that you will practically never want to use Netflix in your chair.

Also that you will have fun while using the latest and most exceptional Bose headphones. 

Tend states it will get your favourite show queued up before you come for your appointment.

You can easily book online, and the rates you can get in advance, so you don’t experience a sticker shock later. 

It all seems faintly absurd, but also reasonably nice, particularly compared with regular dentist offices.

Tend: latest dental startup | iTMunch

The Involvement of Tom Lee & Other Investors 

Little surprise that one particular participant in Tend’s new funding is Tom Lee.

He is the physician who built One Medical in 2007 and managed it as CEO until 2017. 

Other private investors include Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa of Warby Parker; Zach Weinberg of Flatiron Health; and Bradley Tusk of Tusk Ventures.

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