Millennials are a force to be reckoned with. Born between 1982 and 1993, there are over 80 million of them, making them the largest generation than any other. They are a liberal generation who have grown up with gadgets and do not shy away from trying and experimenting with new things.

While many consider them as narcissistic and entitled, in reality they are a generation that wants to make a positive difference. A research conducted by Deloitte has predicted that by 2025, millennials will become 75 percent of the global workforce. Another survey by Payscale and Millennial Branding has found that almost 47 percent of the surveyed employees worked for startups with less than 100 employees and 30 percent worked for medium-sized companies with 100 to 1500 employees. For a time where millennials prefer working in startups, it is important for various small and medium tech companies to make the most of this opportunity.

According to the latest startup blogs, we have created a list of 5 successful ways to attract millennials to your tech startup.

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Empower your millennial employees

Employee health insurance, provident funds etc. are no longer the factors that motivate millennial employees to stay in a company. In order to attract more employees, you need to promote an environment that is exciting and has tremendous scope to grow. Employers need to make the young generation feel like are a part of the company and involve them in the company’s decision making and brainstorming sessions. Organizations need to remember that employees are the best brand ambassadors due to which it is important to promote an environment that makes them feel like they might fit in.

Implement flexibility in your office

Contrary to popular belief, millennials aren’t lazy. They just don’t like being slaves of time, due to which it is important to facilitate flexibility in your tech startup. Tech startups can offer flexible timings and remote work locations to their younger employees in order to retain them and keep them happy. Flexibility also allows your millennial workforce to think more creatively and be more productive.

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Avail the latest tools and technologies

Another successful way to attract them is by offering the latest tools and technologies. The younger generation has always been growing up with the latest gadgets and technologies, due to which it might not be a bad idea at all to update your tech startup with the latest automation tools, laptops, headphones, software etc.

Amplify your social media

Growing up in the social media age, millennials are most likely to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. So if you want to attract them to your organization, making use of social media to catch their attention might not be a bad idea at all. So if your tech startup is not already active on social, now, might be a good idea to begin.

Shape the culture of your tech startup with the help of millennials

The best guidance you can get while creating a tech company that attracts millennials is from them. Understand their requirements and expectations and try to mould your company’s culture according to that. The result? You will have a culture in your workplace that is welcoming to the net round of millennials that choose to join your organization.

In order to attract and retain the most talented of the young generation, it is important to engage them in the most imaginative ways. Investing in new technologies and introducing flexibility are some of the ways you can retain your top tech millennial talent.

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