We are young, we are free, we are alright are no more just the lyrics of a song but an anthem of the generation. The young generation is driven by passion, freedom and confidence. With food, taxis, directions, grocery, etc everything available on internet, this generation does not depend on anything? Technology has contributed significantly in helping them become fiercely independent. But has it really?

Today’s generation majorly consists of millennials and Generation Z, who haven’t known a life without technology. It is an integral part of their existence, and now they are a generation who eat, sleep and breathe technology. Read the following pros and cons according to our latest blog of being an era that is driven by technology.

Pros of a generation driven by technology:

Easy Access to Information

One of the biggest advantages of technology is that it has exposed us to a plethora of information. You can easily avail any information from anywhere and anytime simply with an electronic device and internet.

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Eliminating geographical borders

There is no denying that communication has become lot more easier thanks to technology. Businesses can be easily conducted with clients from other countries, eliminating geographical boundaries. From telephones, to mobile phones, to smartphones, to social media the geographical borders have been completely erased thanks to technology.

More productivity and promptness

When you have access to information easily while working it definitely positively impacts your productivity at work. Millennials and Gen Z’ers can easily adapt any device due to their immense exposure to gadgets and smartphones. With multitasking easier than ever, easy access to documents and other important information it is no surprise that the productivity and promptness at work has increased a lot.

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Sky’s the limit with technology

With technology evolving faster than you reading this article, there is no saying to what point will the technology continue evolving. From new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, augmented reality and virtual reality and so much more, the future of technology is truly unpredictable since sky’s the limit.

Innovation and creativity

Technology constantly challenges mankind to find a better and a more enhanced solution to any problem. In order to do so it is extremely important for you to call your inner creativity. We are constantly looking for a newer and better solution due to which we can confidently say that technology has boosted our innovation and creativity.

Cons of Technology:

Lack of Social Skills

While we assume that one of the biggest advantages of technology is it has helped increase communication, the truth is far away from it. Today we are so addicted to technology that we have forgotten to even have basic human interaction. Many teens and twenty-somethings today, are seeking validation on social media for boosting their confidence, making their lives revolve around social media. This has definitely hampered a social skill that the previous generations mastered.

Cyber security

One of the biggest threats that technology possesses is cyber security. With environment becoming increasingly interconnected and complex, threats are becoming increasingly dangerous. Cyber criminals will discover newer and better ways to hack and abuse devices. In fact according to security predictions of 2018, we need to rethink and redefine cyber security due to the changing nature of cyber threats.

Cyber bullying

Kids nowadays are making use of internet or technology for bullying as well. By using online avenues, bullies today are infiltrating the protection of their victims homes as well. While bullies have an anonymous identity online, it is no surprise that cyber bullying has increased rapidly. It has not only increased in numbers but has also become so vile that it has led to an increase in teen suicides.

Lack of Boundaries

Internet has not only eliminated geographical boundaries but has also eliminated social and sexual boundaries. Oversharing information on social media makes it extremely easy for cyber criminals and stalkers to track you. Along with this the easy access to the internet has exposed young teens to sexual submissions. Making use of parental control everywhere is simply not possible.

Technology like many other things has two sides to its coin. While on the negative side there are various threats but there is no denying the possibilities and potential technology has. With every discovery and advancement in technology we are getting closer to a digital revolution. Before we know it technology could also help mankind find a solution to complex problems such as cancer. Whether we are a generation driven by technology or not, one of the biggest truths is that the digital exposure has made us smarter and better equipped with information.