Google will partner with Walmart to offer an award/grant of $5 million to three non-profit enterprise testing solutions, who work on building & refining skill sets necessary for the US workforce, while also linking skills to roles.

Further, Opportunity@Work, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, and The Drucker Institute will also receive a portion of the grant money, in a bid to aid workers, businesses, and job-seekers, adapt and address the evolving workplace.

Kathleen McLaughlin, Chief Sustainability Officer, Walmart, expressed her delight with the initiative:

Google to provide grant for Work Developement

“Helping people identify and easily acquire job-relevant skills—and helping employers recognize which prospective employees have the right skills—will unlock meaningful opportunities for advancement for people across the community, and strengthen the businesses that hire them. This is exactly the sort of innovation leading to opportunity that defines Walmart’s approach to workforce development.”

The Drucker Institute was founded in 2006 – and is based out of the Claremont Graduate University in California, and endeavors to pay homage to the legacy of Peter Drucker – the famous management consultant, author, and educator who spent his life improving organizational behavior & culture with a focus on governments, corporations, and non-profits.

The institute will also partner with IDEO, in the quest to re-imagine South Bend, Indiana – into ‘The City of Lifelong Learning’, with a focus on the economically disadvantaged.

The MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy – is recognized for awarding $1 million every year to entrepreneurial firms, in order to help them locate new solutions that aid skill-building, income growth, job creation, and financial inclusivity.

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On the other hand, Opportunity@Work deploys approaches and models that test new solutions – and identify hitherto overlooked talent and skills – sharing the same with employers, creating new employment opportunities and enabling skill-centric education.