Two years following Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann declared he was making a successor to the short-form video app; now Byte makes its appearance on iOS and Android.

What is Byte?

Byte allows you to record or upload and later share six-second videos.

The little time limit requires no-filler content that’s thicker than the maximum one-minute clips on TikTok.

Byte appears equipped with regular social features such as feed, Explore page, notifications and profiles.

Presently, though Byte lacks the remix technique, increased reality filters, transition effects and other premium features you’ll see in apps like TikTok.

What Hofmann believes will distinguish Byte is an initial focus on helping content creators earn money — something TikTok and other micro-entertainment apps mostly don’t offer.

The app intends to launch soon a pilot of its associate program for giving monetization options to people showing popular on Byte.

By repaying early, Byte might attract some of those dancers, comedians and pranksters over to its app and be capable of holding them long-term.

Previous Vine favourites turned TikTok favourites like Chris Melberger, Joshdarnit and Lance Stewart are now on Byte.

The Story of Byte

Byte is a long time coming.

To go back all the way, Hofmann co-founded Vine in June 2012 with Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov, but Twitter obtained it before its launch in January 2013.

By that time, Hofmann had departed from the company.

But 2014 and 2015 noticed Vine’s fame grew thanks to rapid-fire comedy skits and the creativity opened by its looping effect.

Vine spread over 200 million existing users.

Suddenly the unimaginable thing happened.

Dire to decrease costs, Twitter closed down Vine’s sharing feed in late 2016, so it would not need to host any more video content.

The creative web sighed.

Hofmann gave Vine fans believe when he stated plans to create a successor called V2 at the beginning of 2018 but dropped it a few months later.

Hofmann got extra serious about the plan by the end of 2018, declaring the name Byte and then starting beta testing in April 2019.

Byte app | iTMunch

Presently the critical issue will be if Byte can take off despite its delayed start.

Hofmann might have to rely on the soft point for Vine in people’s minds to get sufficient activity on Byte to recreate its ancestor’s magic.

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