There is a noticeable rise in food delivery apps. Companies are introducing newer technologies in order to make the process of food ordering and delivery simpler as well as faster. Trending on the same theme, Uber Eats, Uber’s food delivery app is planning to deliver food through a drone in San Diego.

Uber- food delivery app

To make this enterprise show results, the company has tied up with its own urban air mobility division, Uber Elevate. Considering everything is becoming automated in nature, this novel and extremely advanced initiate developed by Uber is surely in the news for all the right reasons. Let us have a look at what the drone is capable of and Uber’s future plan with the device.

What is Uber’s Drone Delivery All About?

Uber as an entity has spearheaded in the food delivery industry along with its very famous mobility division. As an effort to take its food delivery app Uber Eats ahead, the company has come up with a drone device that will help in delivering food to its customer at a much faster pace.

The company carried out multiple test delivery sessions going beyond visual line of sight in association with McDonald’s at the San Diego State University. In these trial sessions, the company made use of the AR200 drone. Since the testing succeeded, Uber is now planning to develop a drone just for food delivery.

As of now, Uber’s drone doesn’t aim to directly deliver food to its customers, they just want to get it closer to them. The drone will be programmed in a way where it will load a meal from a restaurant and then fly to an accurate location to reach the Uber Eats courier. The delivery executive will then travel the last mile to deliver food to the customer.

How did Uber Eats Come Up With this New Initiative?

With the growing urban population, it was becoming necessary for a company like Uber to come up with a solution that intends to make food delivery faster. Eric Allison, Uber’s head of aerial projects expressed that the delivery drone is a perfect combination of efficiency and quality, all that their customers seek.

To make this initiative of theirs all the more profitable, the company is planning to introduce land drones on the roofs of Uber Eats cars emblazoned with an identifying QR code. Uber Eats delivery drone in said to be in the last and final stage of receiving a go-ahead from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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The rate at which IT is taking over each and every domain just show that companies are going to become all the more automated in the years to come.

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