In a revolutionary step, Australia and New Zealand-based Secured Signing continues to innovate by offering Video Signing as a part of their online signing platform to help businesses during the pandemic. The compliant and comprehensive Software-as-a-service platform by Secured Signing uses the personalised and secure X509 PKI Digital Signature technology and allows customization of full-range eForms and eSignature capabilities.

A study conducted in 2016 by Forrester Consulting predicted over 100 million eSignature transactions to be made in Australia annually by 2020 [1]. With the lockdown declared due to the coronavirus outbreak, the need for reliable software like Secured Signing offering real-time video capabilities will come handy for businesses to securely sign documents.

Secured Signing – a secure eSignature & eForm platform

Secured Signing was founded in 2008 by TME Consulting Ltd, a private company in New Zealand. Built by a team of seasoned experts with extensive experience and knowledge in technology and data security product development, Secured Signing serves a wide range of industries across the globe. The company also has a presence in Australia and offers SaaS application based on X509 PKI digital signature technology that enables the secured fill-in and signing of documents.

Audit logs to timestamps, Two-Factor authentication by SMS, effective/contract execution date stamp and witnesses, they’ve got every feature organizations might need in their completely customisable and adaptable software. 

The company has now integrated live, real-time video signing in its platform that can be conducted between two or more parties where identities can be cross-checked, documents can be explained to ensure non-repudiation and then be securely and digitally signed using PKI encryption which ensures any future changes made to the document will invalidate the signatures.

Mr Mike Eyal, the CEO of Secured Signing
Mr Mike Eyal, the CEO of Secured Signing

CEO of Secured Signing, Mike Eyal says at Secure Signing, they are “serious about your signatures”, so they ensure they can verify who signed every document with video signing, recording the person who signed it. They use PKI encryption Digital Signature technology that protects businesses and allows them to verify and prove if any document has, or has not, been modified after being signed, he adds. 

More on its video technology integration

With Secured Signing and its video technology, the audio and video of the entire video meeting can be recorded in addition to any disclosures that are made and watching all parties capture the signatures. For every video and audio recording, a unique link and password are contained in the signed document.

In Australia, Secured Signing is being used to sign wills and enduring power of attorney at the moment in lieu of COVID-19. The company has also partnered with Auckland District Law Society in New Zealand to embed their Webforms Platform which is used across the country.

The platform is also widely used in the HR and Recruitment industry due to high volume of paperwork. The platform by Secured Signing has been employed by hundreds of finance companies in NZ and Australia few of which are using its video confirmation technology.

It is also used by organizations in the Accounting, Bookkeeping and Real Estate industries. General Manager at Secured Signing, Gal Thompson says that they also cater to the local and state government departments. All Territories and States have their own set of different regulations in regards to which industry can use video signing. Victoria being the most advanced when it comes to allowing remote signing which is followed by New South Wales. She concludes by saying that the company is thrilled to have been able to cater video signing and remote witnessing as a part of their online signing workflow to assist businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.


[1] Forrester Consulting (2016) “esignature market set to soar to 100M by 2020” [Online] Available from: [Accessed August 2020]