Sam Altman, retired president of Y Combinator and CEO of OpenAI, posted out his intention to acquire 1 billion masks in 180 days. 

People require to crowdfund the masks, first.

The Sourcing Of Masks 

Altman, with his brother Max Altman, an agent at Rippling; Radu Spineanu, the co-founder of Two Tap; Tinnei Pang, a stylist at Mercari US; and others, are all operating with suppliers in China to take 1 billion single-use masks to serve the broader U.S. population, from service operators to those in hospitals though not directly serving with COVID-19 patients.

The tech managers will not be funding these masks themselves, yet instead have urged institutions to finance the orders. 

Initially, site utilized the phrase “crowdfunding” to request for cash, but it has since switched that wording, so the common public does not assume they require to order masks. 

According to the enterprise’s website, none of the organizers will get funds from the mask production.

Consumers can visit the website and give a form of “indication of interest.” 

If there is adequate demand, according to the company, an application form will appear on the site, and established buyers will sign a deal and offer payment to then “crowdfund” the masks.

The masks are not intended to substitute the tense shortage of N95 masks we’re witnessing across the country, but rather to prevent those not on the front lines from purchasing limited N95 masks.

N95 masks are essential because they strain out small particles, which is necessary for healthcare workers on the front lines considering COVID-19 patients. 

This doesn’t imply that others don’t require to wear masks — and in fact, the WHO and CDC both suggest the use of masks widely.

Health workers wearing N95 masks | iTMunch

The Shipment Of The Masks 

According to the site, the masks can be delivered by state and regional governments, organizations, institutions and firms to primary workers, like grocery shoppers or delivery agents.

Shipments would begin to come in Long Beach three to four weeks from the initial order and then proceed weekly for six months. 

Long Beach is the drop-off point as it is the place that the team can receive supplies to the earliest, according to Max Altman.

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