Australian risk management, compliance and governance software startup 6clicks has announced that it will be teaming up with Peter Deans and his leading strategy & risk advisory company 52 Risks. According to their deal, the library of 52 Risks will be integrated with the product suite of regtech startup 6clicks while enhancing its total compliance and risk operating system.

The Governance Institute of Australia Risk Management Survey 2020 revealed that close to 40% of businesses surveyed are not regularly testing their risk and crisis strategy and plan [1]. With the increasing risk of cyber crime and ransomware, 6clicks and 52 Risks wish to offer a next generation Governance, Risk and Compliance platform (GRC) that revolutionizes the way in which companies mature their compliance and risk management capabilities.

More on the partnership of 6clicks and 52 Risks

The regtech startup 6clicks and 52 Risks, together aim to help companies arm themselves with breakthrough capabilities to navigate complex regulatory environments at low costs. They plan to do so with their suite of risk and compliance governance products including a white-label capability for advisors, 6clicks Risk Review for Teams mobile app and a curated as well as customizable content marketplace.

Anthony Stevens, 6clicks CEO and co-founder commented on this announcement saying this partnership makes it easier for organizations to increase awareness, think thoroughly and act on risks facing their business. 6clicks and 52 Risks has combined technology innovation and the best content for the same, he added.

About 52 Risks

52 Risks was founded by Peter Deans, an Australia-based former Chief Risk Officer with more than 30 years of experience. 52 Risks is a free online resource website for business owners, investors, finance executives, CEOs, risk managers and students that helps them better understand business risk. It seeks to “fill a void in contemporary management thinking” and assist people understand and manage risk by strategic planning and clear business decision making.

On partnering with 6clicks, Mr Deans says he is excited to see the 52 Risks framework available to business owners, executives, directors and risk managers across the world. He says it was his vision with 52 Risks to create a universal framework that could assist businesses manage the entire spectrum of risks they face.

The australian regtech startup provides a leading edge platform for business risks to be identified and managed. Even for small enterprises, the number and nature of risks that businesses face every day requires a groundbreaking technology solution. Mr Deans says that 52 Risks and 6clicks will enable each and every stakeholder to identify and maintain oversight and control of their risks more efficiently.


[1] Governance Institute of Australia (2020) “Governance Institute of Australia Risk Management Survey 2020” [Online] Available from: [Accessed August 2020]

Image Courtesy: Logo from 6 Clicks