Google’s corporate mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Every product launch, every algorithm update, all moves made by Google is aimed towards achieving this mission. 

Now, Google is back with a new update that is in line with its mission. Google users will now be able to easily listen to audio like podcasts, specific to the search phrase. These audio clips will be available directly on the search engine result pages. Basically, if a user wishes to listen to a Steph Curry podcast, all they need to do is add their specific interest along with the term ‘podcast’ on Google’s search bar. Google’s intention for rolling out this update is to let its users listen to audio without the hassle of using a dedicated podcast player. 

The Specifications 

Currently, Google is rolling out the inline playable feature for search functions in Google Podcasts and Google Assistant. Over time, as Google refines its algorithms, the company wants to expand the feature by displaying relevant podcasts for search queries, regardless of whether the term ‘podcast’ is present or not. 

Podcasts on google results | iTMunch

Another great use of this feature is that if a user has signed in to their account, the audio they are listening to will sync and they can pick up from wherever they left the Google Podcasts app.

This feature is also beneficial for people uploading podcasts as it provides them with a much larger reach, as users can now ‘stumble’ upon their audio clips without the need of tools. However, Google does plan to provide more advanced controls for publishers, letting them determine where people can listen to their podcasts and where not.

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The Future Is In Podcasts 

Google’s recent feature update just goes to prove the increasing popularity of podcasts. With this feature, Google is simply making sure they aren’t falling behind in this trend. 

Google has already rolled out this feature in the U.S. for search terms in English. They intend to gradually roll it out globally.

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