With the increasing popularity of ‘Go Green’, a lot of tech giants are moving towards setting up environment-friendly processes and even products. One such example of this is solar-powered smartphones.

It’s no surprise that Google too decided to join the party by guaranteeing to involve reutilized and recycled supplies in all the products made by Google. With an aim to have a process up and running to fulfil this vision in the next three years, Google will apply this to all the hardware in the product range of:

  1. Pixel phones
  2. Home speaker devices
  3. Charging devices
  4. Nesting devices

The Vision

Anna Meegan, Google’s customer hardware supervisor gave a detailed insight into the company’s vision and what they want to accomplish in the company’s blog. According to Anna, this vision started in the year 2018. Google had broadcasted their product’s conservational reports, which helped its consumers understand how their products are created and how they reach the end consumer. It was in this report where they observed that from the year 2017-18, the company’s carbon radiation for products delivered decreased by over 40%. With this number in mind, Google’s vision is to pursue sustainability and achieve carbon neutrality by 2020. They also want to provide a more specific assurance to make technology that keeps consumers first.

Go green by Google | iTMunch

Additionally, Anna also states that Google has initiated a Power Project, which brings one million energy and pocket-friendly Nest Devices to families around the year by 2023. Google also aims to assemble much of its Nest product range with post-customer recycled plastic.

It is also important to note that this isn’t the first time the search engine giant has moved towards the green initiative. Their first venture was their involvement in recycled plastic in their Chrome Cast products.

A ‘Green’ Tech Community

Google is not the only tech giant who has moved in this direction. Some huge players in the industry like Samsung & Apple to are to be a part of this environmental friendly direction the entire industry is moving in. As a fact, iPhone manufacturers have already started expanding their current use of recycled supplies in all of its gadgets. Similarly, Samsung too very recently pledged to manufacture eco-friendly materials.

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In conclusion, it won’t be long before all of the tech products, from your mobile to your watch and even laptops will be manufactured with recycled products. That surely is one step in the right direction!

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