According to the latest tech news, Google Maps has come up with another upgrade to delight its users. Now, this application is all set to show real-time navigation through your phone’s camera. This new feature is called the Live View. The tech giant has designed this feature in such a way, that it provides users to live walking directions using Augmented Reality. Thanks to this upgrade, now, all you need to do is hold your phone up next to streets and your surroundings you want to see and you will have arrows overlaid on top of the camera. This will make it far easier to locate buildings and your destination.

A closer look at ‘Live View’

Earlier, this feature was available only to every Google Pixel user and Google Maps local guides. Based on Google’s latest announcement, this will now be available for all Android and iOS devices. However, it might take a few weeks before this update is open to everyone.

How to test Google Map’s Live View

  1. Tap a location on the map
  2. Click on the directions at the bottom of your mobile screen
  3. Select walking directions
  4. And, voila, the Live View appears, which will help you to navigate the location while walking

Live view feature in Google Maps | iTMunch

Once you click on the Live View button, you do not need to hold up the phone continuously while walking. It allows you to navigate quickly by showing you the big and readable street marks on the real screen. This is hugely beneficial when walking in unfamiliar territory.

What else is in store for Google Maps

This isn’t the only feature this app has to offer. In fact, this feature is a part of a much bigger update to Google’s mapping service.

A few of these include a one-stop ‘Reservation’, which allows you to store flights, hotel stays, popular restaurants. All of this data can be accessed offline. Along with this, you will have a Timeline feature, which will help you store or bookmark all the places you visited on your trip. All these upgrades will be rolling off on every IOS and android phone in a few weeks.

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