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Every single day, 500 million+ users scroll through Instagram. 90% of these accounts follow at least 1 business page on Instagram[1]. About 200 million users on the photo-sharing platform visit at least 1 business profile on a daily basis. 60% of these IG users say they have discovered new products through Instagram [2]. Additionally, 89% of the users said they’ve taken action at the moment they saw an appealing product or service on Instagram. The actions vary from following the brand’s IG page to visiting their website to making a purchase online [3].

When Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were compared in terms of engagement, Instagram led the pack with 2-7% percent of users interacting with each post. Twitter is the least engaged platform with less than 2 out of 1000 followers engaging with each post whereas Facebook falls somewhere between the two social media platforms [4]. The potential for reaching a large audience and the opportunity to connect with a highly engaged audience has motivated businesses, big and small, to create a presence on Instagram. Instagram gives you the opportunity to establish your brand’s social presence, find your target audience, connect with them, showcase your products to this audience and gather insights.

Big brands and small business around the world have recognized the power of Instagram and created a presence on this platform. Letterfolk is one such brand. It is a husband-and-wife run small business that creates and sells handcrafted letter boards. Through an Instagram Business account, the couple shares funny, relatable and inspirational content using their own letter boards. Instead of obsessing over perfection, this team of 2 tries to portray real-life through their page ‘Letterfolk’. The interactive posts they share on their account invites people to like it, share it with their friends on Instagram and other platforms and tag others in it. With their unique and creative approach, this team of two has managed to gain 324K followers as of July 2020.

Bien Cuit Bakery is another small business based in New York City that offers the darkest and crunchiest loaves. Being in the food industry, they knew one thing – people love food and looking at drool-worthy photos of tempting food. So, they post high-quality images of the food they offer on their Business page. They use no filters and no gimmicks, only pictures of real food and now they have earned a following of 22.1K.

There are various other small businesses across the globe have created IG Business accounts, gained a massive following and generated revenue by selling their unique products through the platform. So, if you haven’t created an Instagram account for your business yet and don’t know where to begin, we’ve have got your back.

After reading this blog, you’ll:

  1. Be able to create an exceptional Instagram profile
  2. Be able to constantly come up with unique and appealing content
  3. Be able to leverage IG Stories
  4. Know how to align your brand with the content you post on Instagram
  5. Know how to properly engage with your followers and target audience
  6. Understand the basics of Instagram Analytics 
  7. Understand the basics of Instagram Ads
  8. Know how brands use IGTV to promote their services on the platform
  9. Know how brands conduct contests and giveaways to increase awareness and buzz around their brand
  10. Be able to create a strong presence on Instagram

You are just one step away from mastering Instagram for the growth of your business. Kindly provide us with your email address below and we will help you out.

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