BPAY Group has been recognized the 5th Best Place to Work in 2020 in Australia by global research and consulting firm, Great Place to Work. The Australian fintech company BPAY Group earned this rank on the list of Best Places to Work in 2020 Study in the 100-999 employees category. The ranking was based on data collected during the COVID-19 crisis and an assessment. The ranking follows the company’s recent employee engagement score of 92% from Culture Amp.

About the Fintech Company BPAY Group

BPAY Group was launched in 2017 as the parent company to BPAY and offers a suite of financial products and services in Australia. Their brands include BPAY, Sypht and Osko. For more than 2 decades, BPAY has created exceptional payments solutions that are in tune with Australians.

John Banfield, BPAY Group CEO says he is incredibly proud that his company has received this recognition. Mr Banfield says they have proactively strengthened BPAY Group’s capabilities and culture through a people and culture strategy that prioritizes leadership, empowerment and innovation. He says he is privileged to lead an organisation that prioritizes bringing out the best in its people.

General Manager, People and Culture at BPAY Group, Lucy Lithgow says the move to allow remote working in times of the pandemic has given them the opportunity to exemplify their agility and resilience as a company. Even when working remotely, they continue to prioritize BPAY Group’s key cultural attributes like flexibility, inclusivity and empowerment. She adds that the company continually ask its people how they feel through the COVID-19 crisis and the answers are always supported by company leaders.

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About Great Place to Work Australia

Great Place to Work Inc-owned Great Place to Work Australia is a global research firm that specializes in organizational alignment and employee engagement and its effect on overall performances in workplace cultures. Through its proprietary assessment tools such as Trust Index Employee Engagement Survey and Culture Audit, Great Place to Work offers the expertise and framework needed to create, recognize and sustain excellent workplace cultures.

The Benchmarking Study of Best Places to Work in Australia

The nominated companies for the Best Places to Work benchmarking study need to undergo an application process. The companies are then ranked on the basis of employee responses to Great Places to Work’s Trust Index Employee Engagement Survey. The survey measures the perception of employees of their workplace and accounts for 2/3rd of the score. The management of nominated companies are required to complete Culture Audit and is evaluated by the research team at Great Place to Work Australia. It accounts for 1/3rd of the total score. Higher the total score of the company, higher it is ranked.

The list ranks companies in 3 employee-size categories: Under 100 employees, 100-999 employees and Over 1,000 employees. The study for the 2020 list was conducted between September 2019 and June 2020. The results represent survey entries from 39,156 Australian employees from 124 companies.

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