Electronic payments company EFTPOS has partnered with AusPost (Australia Post) to test its digital identity solution, connectID. EFTPOS will pilot the service with AusPost’s Digital iD credential before the planned launch of connectID in November. The digital solution aims to help Australian consumers avoid fraud, protect their identities and safely connect with government services and merchants using EFTPOS’s payment network.

About connectID – a digital identity solution by EFTPOS

connectID will act as a mediator broker between identity providers and allow merchants or government agencies to identity verification largely in the same way that the government’s exchange does. It has been designed to work in sync with the federal government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) and the banking industry’s TrustID framework.

CEO of EFTPOS, Stephen Benton said this trial is the next crucial step for connectID that will fill bridge an important gap in the market, given the growth in online activity. He added that the solution can be used to verify identities of an individual for various reasons such as to confirm proof of address, age and bank account information. The digital ID solution is supposed to help in the identification of individuals for e-commerce transactions. It will also that the ensure welfare payments are made to the right individual, in case of government services.

More on connectID trial with AusPost

Benton says that the end goal was to build identity into their national payments infrastructure for all Australians as well as Australian business before the end of 2020. Digital iD Head at AusPost, Margo Stephen said this partnership will help increase awareness and adoption of digital identity solution in the country. This collaboration has also enabled EFTPOS to prove out its solution rapidly by harnessing their existing interoperable technology, adds Stephen. 

In turn, connectID will offer more places for those with an AusPost Digital iD on their smartphone to prove their identity when interacting online with the government and businesses. He says this is an exciting development because connectID strengthen EFTPOS’s position as a player in the digital ecosystem.

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Image Courtesy: Auspost