A 9-year-old is crushing the shuttle far and away, frantically walking back and forward on the court in Bangalore, India, as her opponent denies to back down. 

Her opponent is not a person. She is competing against a device that is imitating the game of badminton title P.V. Sindhu, toned down some dents to settle for the age difference.

By the field, her father, Jayanth Kolla, is seeing the game and getting notes. Kolla is a well-known name in the tech startup and commerce ecosystem in India. 

For the last eight years, he has been helming the analysis firm Convergence Catalyst, which includes movement, telecom, AI and IoT.

When his girl gave interest in badminton, Kolla hurried to examine options, only to understand that the centuries-old sports could utilise some extensive tech.

He moved out to a few associates to examine if they could create a device. After a few months, they produced something better.

An Introduction To Sensate Technologies

Kolla established Sensate Technologies last year and has employed several industry specialists and data experts from Stanford, MIT, and India’s IIT. 

Sensate is creating solutions on extensive technologies such as AI, ML, high-level analytics, IoT, robotics and blockchain.

In the previous year, the bootstrapped company has produced seven models, five of which are for sports. 

It has eight patents, which takes us back to the court.

One of the models that Sensate has made is the device that Kolla’s daughter is competing against. In a recent conference, he described how Sensate was capable to precisely map how a player runs on the court and goes about hitting the shuttle by just seeing at two-dimensional videos on YouTube and a mobile camera supplies. This has been created by utilising Computer Vision AI.

Sensate Technologies by Convergence Catalyst | iTMunch

The Plans For The Future 

Kolla plans to make Sensate Technologies into an international extensive tech venture factory and create 20 unique products that would then branch into many companies working in 11 distinct industries.

Microsoft last year associated with Indian cricket legend Anil Kumble’s firm Spektacom to operate on several of solutions involving a smart sticker for bats that holds sensor tech created to track the performance.

However, Kolla’s goals go way ahead of sports tech.

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