There is some good news for all the astrophile out there. NASA has released evocative audio of what many scientists believe a black hole might sound like.

The massive black hole at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster, located over 200 million light-years away, is the origin of the audio clip NASA released on Sunday.

The audio comes from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and was first released in May.

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NASA releases an audio clip of a black hole on Twitter, sends the internet into frenzy

NASA released an audio clip on Twitter and said that they have altered the sound to make it audible to human hearing. The tweet also said that The belief that there is no sound in space is a mistake, according to NASA, which combined it with “other data” and amplified it.

The tweet said that there is a common notion that there is no sound in space as most of it is a vacuum, providing no way for sound to travel. It further stated that they have picked up the actual sound as galaxy clusters contain a lot of gas. In the audio clip, they amplified the sound and mixed it with other data to create the sound of a black hole.

The audio caught people’s attention online, and many commented it sounded much as they expected a supermassive black hole would sound. It has been compared to a cosmic growl or a sinister wind tunnel.

Others used scary imagery to describe it, while several people made remarks about how ethereal the sound was. A few netizens even made pop culture references, comparing it to the sci-fi cult movie Event Horizon and the horror movie Silent Hill. A Twitter user said that the audio sounded like one of Pink Floyd’s songs, Echoes.

Another group of people on the internet thought the clip sounded like bodily functions. Someone wrote “This sounds just like my stomach at 6:30 PM when the early evening shows have wrapped” with the hashtag #Hungryinspace.

NASA releases telescopic images of Jupiter

New telescopic photographs of Jupiter taken by NASA depict auroras, cloud cover, and altitude.

The most recent images, taken by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, display bands of blue and grey in the planet’s center, with rainbow-colored colors near its poles.

Infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye, may be converted by the telescope’s camera by using three filters into colors of the visible spectrum.
The pictures’ red hues depict auroras, while their yellow and green hues depict hazes circling the poles. The Great Red Spot, a powerful storm that “could devour Earth,” is seen as white bands and dots in the cloud cover.

NASA has certainly given us some exciting pieces of information. What are your thoughts? Did you hear what the black hole sounds like? Tell us what it sounds like by leaving a comment below.

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Feature Image Source: Photo by Balázs Kétyi on Unsplash