It can be hard to know how to take a proctored exam online if you have not done one before. We, therefore, want to help you understand the basics as well as what you should think about while doing a proctored exam online. 

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What is a “proctor”?

A proctor is another word for “supervisor”, in other words, a person, often a teacher, who observes the students during an exam or test. The proctor will be supervising students, preventing academic dishonesty, and supporting the students before, during, and after the exam. 

How does proctoring work?

If you do not know how to take a proctored exam online, you probably do not know what the key features are. There are several proctoring tools that can be used depending on the test you are taking and what application your school uses for online proctoring exams at home. Here are some of the features that are available and can be used during your exam:

  • ID-verification – The proctor often does an identification check on all of the students to prevent impersonation.
  • Device lockdown – Your screen may be locked so that you only have access to the testing program and the approved material.
  • Automatic notifications from behavioral trackers – Proctoring programs can send a notification if there is any suspicious behavior from any student. So if you find a way around the locked screen, you can still be caught having suspicious activity. 
  • Mobile access – You may be asked to add your mobile camera as a separate camera for the exam. This can be done by asking you to scan a QR code for example; again – to ensure academic integrity.
  • Internet compatibility – There are web-based programs that you might have trouble with if you have a bad internet connection. So make sure that you have a good internet connection if your school uses that kind of application. There are however applications that have full offline compatibility such as Digiexam. Ask your teacher if you do not know what program your school is using so you can be prepared in the best possible way.

The teacher does however decide which tools will be used, so you might not have all the features mentioned above, but you could also have more.

Rules and preparation for an online proctored exam at home

Proctored exam rules can be different in every school, so ask your teacher before the test if you want to know how the test will be proctored. You should however always be ready when the test starts. Make sure you have a camera on your device, that it is fully charged or connected to a charger, and that you have a good internet connection.

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