Intuit Technologies, a Tasmanian information technology services provider has appointed its very first Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to kickstart a year that will focus on strengthening specialisations and evaluating potential acquisitions. The IT services firm hired Bianca Pickett,  former Kiandra IT talent to lead its tech operations. The company has tasked Pickett with helping grow its East Coast business along with Microsoft capabilities. 

Intuit Technologies was established in 1996 by Mr Dane Bignell. Today, after 20 years, Inuit is a team of more than 150 people working across 5 offices in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie, Melbourne and Brisbane. At its core, Intuit is a consultancy firm that provides businesses advice on their cloud strategy, technology, strategy & governance, emerging market trends, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) transformation, licensing opportunities, ownership cost analysis, tech integration and cybersecurity.

About Bianca Pickett – CTO of Intuit Technologies

Ms Bianca will be working from Melbourne and form a part of Intuit’s growing footprint on the back of its SureBridge acquisition in 2020. Picket will be joining Intuit from INDEX Consultants and a part of her responsibilities will be to help develop the specialization of the teams with Dell, which has played a big role in her hiring and boosting the company’s Microsoft implementation case studies. She is also supposed to assist the leadership team with analyzing new opportunities of acquisitions in Melbourne that’ll add to Intuit’s skills.

The appointment of Pickett comes after a year of Phil Dickman, former Data#3 Executive, who joined Intuit Technologies as its Chief Revenue Officer.

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Pickett on being appointed at Intuit

Focused mobility is definitely a given and the pandemic has surely accelerated that, says Pickett. What the world is seeing in the industry is that people have accelerated to get here, however, it is a band-aid, it is a ‘just enough’ approach and now it is about ensuring that things are migrated the right way, she adds. So, as an industry, Intuit is now refining its mobility, she further adds. Security will play a significant role in the strategy of Intuit Technologies going ahead. Pickett claims that its focus with the customers is about understanding the data and application and then deploying an embedded security layer across all of it. So, the way that one does that is simplifying a vendor stack, and within the company’s world, they’ve got numerous key partners already who’ve a really powerful security story.

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Image Courtesy: Logo of Intuit Technologies