Ubiquiti, the company supporting popular UniFi Wi-Fi access points and networking devices, is publishing a new router for consumers called the AmpliFi Alien.

More About THe AmpliFi Alien

The current device is an all-in-one networking device. 

It highlights a router, which is the “brain” of your local network, four Gigabit Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi abilities. 

And indeed, it is a Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) device.

You can plug the AmpliFi Alien to your modem, place your modem in bridge mode and allow it to take care of your network at home. 

It should be a significant improvement as opposed to ISP-provided hardware.

When we talk about the Wi-Fi performance, the AmpliFi Alien upholds an 8×8 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 both 2.4GHz and 5GHz and gives a separate 5GHz Wi-Fi 5 radio (802.11ac). 

There are not a ton of devices that assist Wi-Fi 6 just yet. 

The iPhone 11, along with Samsung Galaxy S10, supports Wi-Fi 6, but not the brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro, for example.

Though the AmpliFi Alien also operates with older devices that run on previous Wi-Fi generations, hence you don’t have to replace all your devices. 

You can further set up a private guest network if you don’t want your friends to be capable of accessing your computers on your system. 

You can additionally use your AmpliFi devices as a VPN endpoint when you are on the road.

The device is a cylinder-shaped tower with flat sides at the front and the back of the device. 

It seems a bit like the lately announced UniFi Dream Machine, but it is less curvy and taller. 

There is a color touch screen to get data about connection speeds and a few LEDs at the base of the tower.

Amplifi Alien- all in one networking device | iTMunch

You can purchase many AmpliFi Alien units and build a mesh network around your house. 

A sole AmpliFi Alien costs about $379.

Compared to the UniFi Dream Machine, you cannot manage the device with UniFi’s network management controller. 

This is a user device, so you will not get a ton of customizations on the software front, the AmpliFi Alien is not created for enterprise clients. 

That being said, Ubiquiti does give an AmpliFi mobile app to configure the DHCP server, port forwarding, and Wi-Fi settings.

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