Advancements in smart home technology have been innovative. More homes worldwide are saying yes to installing smart home devices because of its convenience and reliability. A Strategy Analytics report, consumer spending on smart home products, services and installation fees will reach $157 billion by the year 2023. The report also stated that over 309 million homes across the globe (of 15% of the world) will have at least one type of smart home product installed [1]. If you want to know about the latest smart home technology trends, you’ve come to the right place.

Different people around the world look for different things in smart home devices. A study was conducted by home insurance company Hippo surveyed how 1000 consumers see smart hone technology and what do they use smart home technology for. 46% use smart home technology for convenience, 17% to monitor their home when they’re away and 16% for added security and protection. Moreover, 15% said they use it for paying their utility bills while 6% have other reasons [2]. Smart home technology around the world is constantly developing creative, reliable products that help homeowners sleep peacefully at night. In 2021, smart home technology is only going to get better and more efficient. So, if you want to know about the most recent smart home technology trends, enter your email ID.

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Smart Kitchen

In this blog about trends in smart home technology, we are the most excited for this emerging trend. When someone says “smart home”, people usually think of smart home appliances, devices and products mostly installed in the living room, bedroom and security devices. As this once niche industry is gaining popularity, smart home technology is also starting to enter the kitchen. According to Statista, smart kitchen global market revenue is projected to read $43 billion by the year 2027 [3]. 

Through smart kitchen, syncing all your kitchen appliances with each other is possible. The best thing about this smart home technology trend is that smart kitchens also include ovens that know the exact temperature for cooking different types of food items. The level of heating can also be adjusted using smart over, depending on which family member is using the device. Some of the companies that are (or already have) released their smart ovens are Samsung, Bosch, Hoover and Siemens. 

Not just ovens, smart microwaves, wine coolers, pressure cookers and mixers can also be controlled remotely. Kitchen entertainment centers are also a part of this trend, where you can groove to your favorite tunes or video call your cousins while cooking.

Smart Bathrooms

It would be amazing and luxurious if you could use technology to control every single detail of your bathing experience, right? Well, this is now made possible, with the advent in smart home technology. Because of the smart home technology trend, you can ask your smart device to heat water to a precise temperature and even set the depth of your rejuvenating Sunday bath in your tub. Moreover, preferences of every single family member can be saved in the smart bathroom devices. This is definitely one of the smartest trends in smart home technology. 

Not just this! With Bluetooth speaker showerheads, smart home technology has brought entertainment to your bathroom as well. Such little and big smart home trends contribute to creating an amazing bathing experience for you. Kohler is making groundbreaking products, including digital showers, smart baths and customizable toilet seats.

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Smart lightings

smart lighting & smart home technology trends | iTMunch

As smart lighting is getting better and better, it is gaining more popularity. This smart home technology in 2021 will allow you to control smart bulbs and lightings using your smart phones, smart watches and tablets. You can also activate them via voice commands. Moreover, you can also set the mood using smart lighting from afar, activating your lights to switch on when you are on your way home. One of the interesting features in this smart home technology trend is geofencing that uses GPS to see your location. Meaning that these smart lights will turn on automatically when you are at a specific distance away from your home.

This amazing smart home technology trend also allows you to customize lighting for different occasions. Different mood lightings can be synced up with different TV shows, detecting audio cues automatically. That’s not it. Some smart lights can also sync up with your smart heating and smart security systems. Smart home technology trends of 2021 are to see smart lighting that operates on ‘If this, then that’ function. Meaning your smart home devices understand the changes in the environment and reach accordingly. For example, if the weather forecast predicts a sunless afternoon, you’ll come back home to a well-lit home, all because of your intelligent lighting system.

Mesh WiFi

With the increasing number of smart home appliances and devices in the home, having the usual WiFi point in the home is not good enough anymore. For a home to be truly ‘smart’, function with utmost efficiency and run more devices simultaneously, better coverage is needed. Enter Mesh WiFi!

Mesh WiFi is definitely the most important of all smart home technology trends we’ve talked about. It is a lot more effective and smarter than a standard router, It uses artificial intelligence  to deliver consistent speeds throughout the home. 

2021 will surely be a big year for Mesh WiFi, with the whole wave of next-gen technology making an efficient, fully functioning, fast and interconnected smart home a reality. Netgear, Ubiquiti and Linksys are some companies making incredible mesh WiFi devices and taking this technology to new heights.

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Smart home healthcare

Smart home healthcare | iTMunch

As smart technology is advancing, a more nuanced self-care approach is becoming possible. In 2021, your smart home will be able to monitor your health like never before, with the help of smartwatches, smart clothing, smart glasses, and smart patches. For example, smart sensor-embedded clothing will provide data to keep a check on cardiac and respiratory health, sleep patterns as well as general physical mobility. These smart healthcare devices will also take this data and recommend ways to improve physical and mental well being, making remote patient monitoring a reality.

Integration of Virtual Assistant 

When it comes to smart home technology, integration is key. With users increasingly spending more time at home because of the pandemic, AI virtual assistants are definitely becoming bigger parts of our everyday lives. Till just a few years ago, the role of virtual assistants was limited to playing the next song on sound streaming apps like Spotify. Not too much time later, they can now be synced with every little aspect of the smart home. 

With your AI virtual assistants, you can check what food items in your refrigerators are good or stale and get alerts when the items get close to their expiry date. It can also activate your robot vacuum cleaner, send a text message, turn on the washing machine and make dinner reservations. 

All of this is possible just by commanding your smart home’s virtual assistant. In case all of this is not enough, smart home technology 2021 will see the launch of Apple, Amazon and Google’s Project Connected Home. The idea behind this project is to create a unified open-source smart home platform. Through this, each company’s virtual assistant will be compatible with any new smart home device.

Unprecedented security

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Undoubtedly, the most useful smart home technology trend is smart home security systems. In 2021, you will be able to sync up your security systems with cloud storage and its endless storage capacity and easy access. Another smart home technology trend that’s evolving is smart lock, which has fingerprint and facial recognition technology. However, the biggest development in 2021 in smart home security is drones. You might see drone cameras patrolling homes all over the world soon. 

Tech giant Amazon is about to drop a new home security device in the year 2021 that will be pushing the boundaries on smart home technology trends and smart home security. Car security is also evolving fast. Soon, several smart devices will be connected with your car.  When it comes to smart security for cars, Amazon’s Ring is leading the industry with its innovative car alarm. If someone tries to break into your car or tamper, Amazon’s Ring sends alerts to an app on your phone.

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