Slack had designed a new solution for workplace communication, which had been imitated by many, even Microsoft. 

But the product, which is intended to help individuals and businesses collude, has been critiqued for posting too many notifications, with some alleging it has destroyed workplace productivity.

The Story of Quill

Quill, a startup headed by Ludwig Pettersson, Stripe’s previous creative director, and design aficionado, declares to offer “meaningful conversations, without bothering your team. 

The company has allocated a $2 million seed round managed by Sam Altman with support from General Catalyst.

It is accompanied by a $12.5 million Series A at a $62.5 million estimate led by Index Ventures partner and recent Slack board observer Sarah Cannon.

Quill and Cannon refused to clarify.

The company, situated in San Francisco, has built a no-frills messaging product. 

Yet in beta, Quill intends to inspire fewer, more focused discussions with a huge importance on threads.

 The product is smaller of a firehose than Slack, states former Y Combinator president Altman.

This is where one can get lost for elongated periods sifting through direct messages, threads, and channels.

Pettersson earlier worked with Altman at his present venture, OpenAI, a research-driven company centered on growth that steers artificial intelligence in a “friendlier” track. 

Pettersson was a member of the company’s specialized staff in 2016 and 2017, forming OpenAI’s primary design.

Index Ventures, for its part, seems to be folding down on the increasing workplace communications software category. 

The firm initially financed in Slack, which made its highly anticipated direct listing earlier this year, in 2015. 

Slack went on to raise a hundred million more, touching a valuation of above $7 billion in 2018.

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The Threat of Competitors

After going public, Slack has strived to find its hold on the public markets, in big part due to the increasing threat of Microsoft Teams.

The software giant’s Slack-like product that started in 2016. 

Startups like Quill profess a menace to Slack, too. 

It produced the playbook for workplace chat software and showed a huge hunger for such tools; businesses are obliged to iterate on the model for years to come.

Quill is also supported by OpenAI’s chairman and chief technology officer Greg Brockman and Elad Gil, a recent Twitter executive and co-founder of Color Genomics.

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