From using AI to treat cancer to using it to automate business processes, artificial intelligence has become vital for almost all businesses. And one such company which is now using this technology is Uber. According to the latest AI news, Uber is planning to use artificial intelligence to differentiate between business and personal rides. Keep reading to know more about this update.

Uber’s Previous AI Ventures

This is not the first time Uber is making use of machine learning to improve customer experience. Previously, the ride-sharing app had applied for a patent. This patent could tell if the rider was sober or drunk. If the rider was detected as drunk, it would immediately notify the driver.

Uber to Determine If Your Ride Is Personal or Business using AI
Uber’s latest AI update

To determine the difference between a business and a personal ride, Uber is using a new feature called ‘Profile Recommendations’. This feature will recommend the users to switch to a correct profile for their journey.

How customers can benefit from Uber’s latest AI update

As mentioned earlier, the new feature uses machine learning to determine whether your ride is personal or for work. This is because many people use the same payment method for business as well as recreational use. While booking a ride in a hurry, users might often forget to switch their profile from personal to business. Due to this, they get charged on their personal debit/ credit card.

To avoid such mistakes, Uber will help users to choose the right profile with machine learning. Uber has been able to make this possible by analyzing billions of trips by previous users.

A quick peek inside ‘Profile Recommendations’ by Uber

Uber is using machine learning, which relies on patterns and trends among different users. This can help determine the kind of trip the rider is taking. According to the ride-sharing app, this feature has an 80-per cent accuracy rate.

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In case the app is not able to select the right payment method for the trip, the app will always display a pop-up. This pop-up will ask the user if the recommendation was right or not. Eventually, the user will have the final call to confirm the payment method.

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