According to the latest tech news, Google is planning to develop a native hearing aid support for Android. This is because Bluetooth hearing aids have been compatible with iPhones for the longest time. However, the Android fragmentation has made it difficult for manufacturers to provide support. Hence, Google is initiating this new specification, especially for Android users.

The Need for Hearing Aid Support for Android

Members of the hearing loss community have been complaining about Android’s lack of hearing aid for quite some time. Currently, there is a Danish manufacturer GN Hearing has developed an app that makes its hearing aids compatible with phones. Unfortunately, this is the app is suitable only for Samsung Galaxy mobile phones only. Due to the increasing demand among the other Android users, it is necessary to bring in hearing aid support.

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Android Gets Hearing Aid Support from Google

Google’s Hearing Aid Support

To solve the problem of many Android users, Google is planning to work with the same Danish manufacturer. In this collaboration, they are planning to create a new hearing aid spec for Android smartphones.

Features of ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids)

This hearing aid is going to be called ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids). Google and the Danish manufacturer are working together to make ASHA battery-efficient while providing high-quality audio with low latency.

All the hearing aids which are using this spec can connect to and stream with Android devices. Due to this spec, the users won’t require another intermediate device. Android users will be utilizing ASHA for calling and listening to music.

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The Reach of Google’s Hearing Aid Support

According to WHO (World Health Organization), there are around 500 million people who suffer from hearing loss globally. This figure is expected to increase in the coming decades. So opening up a native support to hearing aids can suffice consumer demands while being beneficial for businesses.

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