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If you are striving towards becoming a successful business owner and want an event that can help boost your business, there is no reason why you should miss a tech event. As a business owner, there are so many great ways you can benefit from attending events related to information technology.

Being a part of tech events enables you to boost your business by building contacts as well as helps you to stay updated on the tech world. Just one conference or event can bring a positive turn-around in your business.

With 2018 all wrapped up, it’s time to look ahead. For 2019 technology strategies are in the process of fruition, budgets are being set and, before we know it, the calendar will be full again. As a matter of fact, events and conference are the real deal in the world of technology as they are the instances where industry experts come together to discuss and decide the future of the tech industry. To give better insight, let’s take a look at tech events scheduled for 2019 that are taking place across the globe.

China International Internet of Things Exhibition

The 12th China International Internet of Things Exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive IoT expo in Asia. It will showcase the whole IoT industry chain, covering the perceptual layer, network layer and intelligent application layer of IoT. It will showcase technologies of short-range communication, Cloud, financial payment, RFID,  sensor network, real-time locating, big data processing, etc. It will also show the IoT solutions and applications in various industries, such as transportation, manufacturing, smart grid, smart home, logistics, anti-counterfeiting, attendance, military, asset management, apparel, library, smart city, environment monitoring.700+ exhibitors throughout the IoT industry chain. 100,000+ professional visitors, system integrator and end-users. International Exhibitors and Visitors from 30 Countries and Areas with 10% Annual Growth, Such as the USA, France, Germany, England, Austria, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and etc.

Edge Congress 2019

Edge Computing Congress is an event where experts in the area of disruptive technologies will gather in January 2019. At this event, you will be able to expand your knowledge of many cloud adjacent technologies such as IoT, AI, autonomous cars and smart cities, connected things, microdata centres and Edge facilities.

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Think Conference 2019

Think conference 2019 is arranged to provide an applicable experience regarding cutting-edge technologies. This event will give a chance to industry professionals to meet new people and establish new connections among experts and leaders of the IT industry. Thus allowing them to enlarge their professional network and gain useful information at the annual IBM Conference THINK, which unites IT pacemakers from around the world.

iTech Toronto

ITech Toronto is a leading IT conference and exhibition for IT professionals worldwide. The conference will primarily talk about Security, Cloud, Infrastructure, and Data Centre. Though its prime focus is on storage innovations & big data. It will also offer all the attendees a chance to know about all the upcoming products and services, build a network by meeting new people, stay updated on the technology trends as well as see technological demonstrations take shape.

iTech Toronto | iTMunch

Startup Expo

StartUp Expo is an event that brings together the entire ecosystem to put their weight together and provide startups with all the support they need to succeed. This unique one-day event gives a chance to investors, embassies, students, Startups, support organizations, government agencies to come together and explore partnership possibilities across various sectors and  . The main highlights of this tech event are Startup Showcases, Food entrepreneurs, TiE Institute Sessions, Investor Zones, Networking zones, Startup Showcase, Food entrepreneurs, TiE Institute Sessions, Investor Zones, Networking zones and more.

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Big Digital Adelaide

At the Big Digital scene, it will be possible to see prominent executives and listen to engrossing speakers. This event is suitable for startups and young companies as well. All throughout, this event will help individuals to enhance their skills in digital marketing and increase their ROI in 2019 by following pieces of advice and methods developed throughout many years practice of world-class digital guru showcased in this event. It will assist individuals to develop business with those who have already succeed. The agenda of this event is scheduled in such a way to make sure individuals have enough time to build strong business connections through interactions. All of Big. Digital events primarily focus on: Emerging technologies, Data-driven strategy, Customer-focused UX, Maximizing return on investment.

Toronto Cyber security Conference

The Toronto Cybersecurity Conference discusses topics and tech-security issues related to email and social media security,  LAN security, cloud security, VoIP, USB drives security, etc. 

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Citrix Summit’ 19

Citrix Summit is a great opportunity to improve your sales and support skills, as well as to keep your hand on the pulse and stay in tune with cutting-edge market innovation. Citrix Summit is an event that has more than 200 hours of useful content background provided by hundreds of IT industry experts and competent speakers. The primary agenda of this Summit covers issues that will be valuable for the representatives of IT business.

E3 Expo

E3 Expo is a mark of the flagship event for products like 3d development, accessories, audio, sound, video, games, cd, DVD service & packaging, developer tools, mobile apps, motion capture, game technology. Also inclusive of Computer Hardware & Software, Sporting Goods, Toys & Games industries, in the west. The main reason for the popularity of this event is because of its thorough entertainment via computer hardware and video games. From world-class pavilions to exhibitions, by presenting an array of computer hardware and service products, this event has gained leaps and bounds in the entire International marketplace.

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SecuTech Expo

SecuTech Expo works towards bringing together leading brands for displaying AI innovations and display security like tangible applications, affordable business models, case studies and commercialized solutions. It will help the attendees to quickly build new partner networks, and make their business thrive in the growing vertical markets.


Join the Accelerate event which is a premier gathering for business and tech leaders in Chicago on January 31. This event will allow individuals to meet industry leaders. These individuals will share their valuable insights on how to accelerate business growth and be always ahead in the digital competition. They will get to learn the best practices in accelerating organizational alignment and business growth. Get to hear the success stories on how companies can transform and innovate faster. Join the event to discuss opportunities and strategies to win in the rapidly changing business environment. The main highlights of these events are Insights on accelerating business transformation, Innovative perspectives on customer-obsessed business strategy, Real-life case studies on how organizations can transform faster.

International Conference on IT & Computer Science

The International Conference on IT & Computer Science aims is to provide opportunities for academicians and scientists along with professionals, policymakers, and Practitioners from various fields in a global realm to present their research contributions and views, on one forum and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines.

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Malaysia IT Fair

Malaysia IT Fair Kuala Lumpur facilitates the perfect platform for IT industry stakeholders to launch and kick-off their IT campaigns and send it to consumers domain for market scrutiny. The aim of the conference is to give a platform to organizations and brands for showcasing their products/services, share and launch IT-related products/services to a much-targetted audience. This event creates a learning ambience so that visitors get acclimated to the growing phenomenon of the IT industry.

IoTshow is an event where the Enablers, the Creators, the Integrators and the Customers of IOT come together. Its first edition itself, in 2016, was voted as World’s 1 IoT event on Postscapes. Since then it has continued to grow in size and stature. The unique feature of the show is that while most IoT events focus only on connecting the Creators of IoT solutions with Enterprise Customers, IoTshow started by connecting the Enablers with the Creators of IOT solutions. And, then it widened its scope in order to connect the Creators with Enterprise Customers and Integrators. 

IP Expo Europe

IP EXPO Europe is known to be Europe’s number ONE IT event as it helps business owners to find ways of using the latest IT innovations to drive their business growth. IP EXPO Europe holds six IT events under one roof – Cloud, Cyber Security, Networks & Infrastructure, AI, Analytics & IoT, DevOps and Open Source. This year,  MACHINA Summit.AI will be incorporated by IP EXPO Europe. This event will exhibit quality content and in-depth insights from the overall industry show the latest IT developments.  There are 300+ free to attend seminar sessions and 300+ exhibitors coming to this event which makes it one of the most famous IT events of the year for IT heads, tech experts, CIOs and security specialists. 

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Read the latest blog on "Top Tech Events Scheduled in 2019". Visit iTMunch for other tech related information and blogs.


Technology is evolving every day and we need to stay updated to be productive. Just like all the events mentioned above, there are many other technology shows worldwide that inform you about the new technology and give important insights about the products before they strike the market. Attending conferences is the best thing you can do for your future business. They also offer an important opportunity for investors who are looking for funding. Tech events are an essential part of the growing process of the information technology industry and professionals should definitely attend them to always stay updated.

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