A new year calls for a new Apple device. According to the latest tech news, this industry giant has sent out invitations for its annual iPhone event on September 10th, 2019, where everyone is expecting the company to announce the iPhone 11. Our sources claim that this event will take place at the ‘company’s Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California. Keep reading to learn more about this big revelation.

What’s the big Apple event all about?

Apple has created an invitation with no clear agenda. So, we don’t know for sure if we will witness the launch of a new mobile device. However, rumours suggest, there is a chance that we will see three new iPhone models. These will act as successors to the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. Two of these phones might feature ‘Apple’s first triple-camera system on the rear of the device, and the successor to the XS could also have a slightly bigger 6.1-inch display (up from 5.8 inches on the current model).

What to expect from the new iPhone models?

The change in the new mobile devices won’t just be limited to its camera and size, but also the battery life and biometric security. Based on the way the company has been dropping hints, we think the new iPhones could support bidirectional wireless charging. This will allow you to charge AirPods when used with their new wireless charging case.

Apple schedules huge Event | iTMunch

Is this event limited just to iPhones?

We don’t think so. Apple seldom keeps its launch events focused on just a single category of products. Last year, it announced the Apple Watch Series 4 as well as a software update for the HomePod, adjacent to its new iPhones. The main products that Apple is rumoured to be planning for the end of this year — an all-new 16-inch MacBook Pro, an update its existing non-Touch Bar 13-inch model, and a new iPad and iPad Pro, as mentioned on Verge. All the Apple users are expecting the tech leader to share some news about the range of services, ‘it’s currently in the process of launching.

Stay tuned with iTMunch for more details about this Apple’s ‘By Innovation Only’ event; right from the new products to what you can expect in the next year. Also, have you looked at Apple’s invitation? Is Apple dropping any hints about its launch? It’ impossible to say anything now. Visit our website on September 11th for a detailed update of this tech event.

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