Last night, SpaceX propelled its first-generation Dragon spacecraft on its twentieth — and last — resupply flight to the International Space Station.

The launch signifies the Dragon’s end mission as the spacecraft makes way for SpaceX’s refreshed and improved Dragon 2 spacecraft, which will start manufacturing resupply runs to the spatial location in October.

The Role of the Dragon

Beside freight to resupply the ISS, the Dragon will be taking along payloads for innovative research aboard the space station.

Including an Adidas research to examine how it can create midsoles in space; a plan from the faucet producer, Delta, to view how water droplets develop in zero gravity; and Emulate is transferring up an organ-on-a-chip to test how microgravity alters intestinal resistant cells and how heart tissue can be cultivated in space.

SpaceX Has Changed The Space Enterprise

It has been twelve years after SpaceX initially won a $1.6 billion deal to resupply the space station, and beyond that time, the space enterprise has transformed dramatically.

The company’s technological discoveries around production and reusing rocket elements remodelled the space enterprise.

They built an environment where administrators believed in the chance of fighting with industry giants like Aerojet Rocketdyne, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin.

Since SpaceX first began to confront those longtime council contractors, which had a grip on government space missions, a flow of economic activity has developed around the International Space Station, encouraging the production of new industries.

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The Axiom Concept

At the beginning of this week, Axiom Space published that it would be utilizing SpaceX to ship the first utterly private troupe of travellers to the International Space Station for a ten-day journey (albeit for $55 million).

Axiom’s concept of creating a private revolving space station off of the current International Space Station is a brave step ahead for the commercialization of space — and one which would be not possible if not for SpaceX’s performance and the victory of the first Dragon.

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