Companies are lately in the constant sprint of staying up to date when it comes to technology. Be it any industry or domain, brands and companies are making sure that they adapt to all the technology trends and use them for bettering their services.

Read the lates blog titled, "JP Morgan Chase Teams Up with Persado to Adapt an AI-Based Technology for Copy writing"

As a part of these trends, JP Morgan Chase has also decided to stay ahead of time and be updated technology-wise. As a result, the financial service giant has decided to partner with the New York-based company named Persado to use its artificial intelligence device for writing their ads. As AI is an advancement that is proving to be an advantage for all the industries, this move about the company is surely going to benefit them. Read on to know more about the story.

What is the AI Device About?

JP Morgan Chase is becoming more experimental with its marketing language. As a result of which it has decided to partner with New York-based AI company Persado. JP Morgan came to know about this company when one of Persado’s AI system’s message gained more unique clicks than JP Morgan’s original marketing message.

How did this exactly happen?! On which the officials at Persado expressed, the message machine at our company creates a copy with the assistance of more than one million words and phrases available in their database. The language that this company uses to form copies is more customer-centric which ends up getting more attention than other human-written text. Persado heavily uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create texts. The AI-device is closely working with JP Morgan Chase since 2016 to improve and test marketing messages.

How is JP Morgan Chase Improving its Ads?

JP Morgan Chase is a big name not only in its industry but all around the globe. As a result, the company needed to improve and adapt to technology that definitely improves its services and in turn increase its revenue.

The result of JP Morgan taking up Persado’s ai-based device is to make an impact on its audience with its sales message. And not so surprisingly, it is having a huge impact on their audience. The digital-copies created by the ai device are resonating more with the audience and thus benefitting the financial service company largely.

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Persado has also partnered with Dell, Expedia, Williams Sonoma to name a few along with JP Morgan Chase. This ai device proves to be a classic example of post-industrial tech capitalism which shows the signs of putting some people out of business.

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