Queensland-based company DataFarming and Australia fertilizer company Summit Fertilizers have inked a deal to enhance pasture management technology. According to the deal, DataFarming will give access to its NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) satellite images of paddocks to Summit’s managers and clients. The precision agriculture company DataFarming’s technology will hopefully enable Summit’s area managers to efficiently survey pasture and crop health. The technology is also expected to help save time and money by highlighting on-ground issues.

About DataFarming and Summit Fertilizers

DataFarming is an Australian precision agriculture company that was established in 2017 and is led by Tim Neale and Pete Neale. The company has created a cloud-based platform that, amongst other things, provides access to NDVI satellite images and maps. Australia-based Summit Fertilizers was founded in 1989 and specializes in crop nutrition. The fertilizers company decided to collaborate with DataFarming to leverage their expertise in precision agriculture and remote sensing tools.

Field Research Manager at Summit, Mark Gherardi said that combining their lab analysis data with DataFarming’s remote sensing technology was a logical step for them.

More about the deal

The deal signed with DataFarming gives Summit’s area managers and clients access to 10*10 meter NDVI paddock images. The satellite images will be updated at least every 5 days and can be accessed through Summit Fertilizer’s SummitConnect platform for free. Managers will also be able to combine this data with the results of Summit’s inSITE soil test. This will help managers to provide growers with insights and news ways of inspecting the performance of their paddocks.

Summit Fertilizers believes that an accurately implemented plant and soil analysis program is the perfect foundation for making informed decisions about the nutrient applications. Gherardi says that this is a complementary and a co-operative partnership that seems like a perfect match. This partnership will provide managers and clients at Summit with real-time feedback and analysis of the relation between fertilizer application, soil nutrient testing and crop and pasture growth.

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