Vision direct proudly celebrates more than 1 million virtual try-ons for glasses on their website and app. The virtual eyewear try-on technology has made shopping for eyewear online easier than ever before. This is because of the virtual try-on and frame recommendation technology, developed by Ditto, that Vision Direct uses. The tool on Vision Direct by Ditto allows customers to seamlessly and effortlessly virtually try on glasses eyewear in a 180-degree angle. 

The need for virtual try-on technology for glasses

Shopping online for eyewear can be tricky. It is difficult to understand which type of frame suits on a face without actually trying it on. This is where the virtual eyewear try-on technology comes handy. Vision Direct has been using the Ditto technology for the last 18 months and has seen a staggering rise in a number of customers using this tool over the months. They recently hit 1 million virtual try-ons (and still counting). It is apparent from the numbers that the virtual try-on technology has significantly improved the customer try-on experience and the overall online eyewear shopping experience. 

Virtual glasses try on snaps on Vision Direct | iTMunch

Mr David Menning, co-CEO of Vision Direct says that they are working hard to continuously improve the customer shopping experience online. This includes being at the forefront of offering new technologies to surprise and delight their consumers. They also aim to provide real value and ease in shopping eyewear online. They are proud to have helped customers with their eye care and continue to offer their virtual try-on tool to Australian consumers.

A representative from Ditto said that they want eyewear to be personal and accessible for everyone. Therefore, they created a technology that enables customers to easily discover frames that fit and match their style, allowing them to shop confidently and conveniently at home.

How to use the virtual try-on tool

In order to use the tool, a person needs to visit the website to download the app. The tool will ask the user to record a quick five-second selfie video asking the person to turn their head from left to centre to right. Post that, the user will be provided with face shape information including advice on the most flattering styles for them. After this, they can proceed to virtually try on glasses from a collection of over 14000 eyeglasses and sunglasses. 

Vision Directs is a part of the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group and is one of the world’s leading designer eyewear e-retailers. In no time, the group has become the market leader in more than 20 countries. They have a catalogue of over 80,000 products from about 180 brands. In the future, they will continue to focus on integrating the more relevant and latest technology on their website and app to continuously offer a smooth try-on experience to its customers. 

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Images Courtesy: Vision Direct