Multinational conglomerate Siemens is rolling out mobile phone app ‘Comfy’ for its employees across the world. This app will help its staff return to their office safely after the lockdown. It will be made available to over 100,000 employees in 30 countries. Comfy will give its staff updates on the local COVID-19 situation, occupancy levels and will help them comply with social distancing regulations.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, major companies are letting their employees work remotely. Siemens announced last week that it will allow its employees to work from “wherever they want” for 2-3 days every week. It is the latest example of how the pandemic is making leading companies re-imagine from where and how their staff work.

More about Comfy

Mobile app Comfy will be made available to half of Siemens’s offices and workers for now and will be rolled out to other Siemens offices later. 

The app has been developed in partnership with Salesforce. The employees worried about COVID-19 spreading among colleagues will also be able to use an in-built contact tracing feature. 

Comfy can also block desks in a particular area if data is received about an individual suspected of being infected with the virus. The automation company says it also sells the same app to its clients.

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About Siemens

Siemens AG is a multinational conglomerate that is know for its expertise in automation, electrification and digitization. It is world’s one of the largest producer of resource-saving and efficient technologies. It is a supplier of cutting edge industry and infrastructure solutions.

It offers its products and services in energy, financing, healthcare, industrial automation and mobility industries amongst others. It also offers market-specific solutions for food and beverage industry, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, mining industry and data centre. Their comprehensive portfolio of research and development also comes up with latest technology in the field of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, sustainable solutions and smart infrastructure.

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Image Courtesy: Siemens logo