The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a truly unusual smartphone, in more ways than one. 

Introduction To The Galaxy Ford 

The apparent common differentiator is that it folds out to reveal a large, continuous 7.3″ display, covering the seam thanks to a flexible OLED screen. 

It is also at the right top end of the smartphone market price-wise, which could describe why it just debuted in a few restricted markets at launch. 

Samsung says that consumer interest has assisted in expanding that original pool of availability, though, which is why it is starting pre-orders in Canada now.

There are going to be a few sticker shocks for Canadians; however: The Fold begins at CAD 2,599.99 in its latest market. 

That is the price you would spend on a well-specced computer, but it is correct in line with the cost of the phone in the U.S. when you consider for currency conversion. 

Pre-orders are further going to be particularly in-store, at Samsung’s Eaton Center, Sherway Gardens and Yorkdale areas, all of which are in Toronto. 

Retail sales, also exclusive to Samsung’s retail operations, are beginning December 6 still pre-order customers will be able to secure a day one pickup.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has had a part of an irregular launch, with a first attempt being dropped in light of many reviewers encountering issues with their devices. 

Samsung Galaxy fold in store | iTMunch

Samsung Models Get A Redesign 

Samsung redesigned the parts of the phone as a consequence, including adding caps to stop dust entering the critical hinge component that powers the folding actions.

Plus fixing a necessary pre-installed protecting screen covering under the phone’s bezels. 

Still, our own Brian Heater underwent a display hardware problem within a day with his redesigned review device.

Samsung is giving free “Fold Premiere Service,” which covers discounted screen replacements and regular free repairs when an issue is not due to any ill-usage on a user’s part. 

In all, the takeaway should be that this is a first-generation device, yet also a completely different piece of technology in today’s marketplace for those ready to risk it.

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