Cloud Data Management company Rubrik announced that it helped the Australian ICT company Tecala increase its productivity by 30% through its cloud technology solutions. Rubrik’s cloud data management solution also helped Tecala double its data protection business without having to add any more resources to its cloud team.

Australia is amongst the top 5 nations in the world to implement government regulations and policies for cloud adoption. This has ultimately increased cloud-based investments in the country. More than 50% of the IT budget in Australian businesses is spent on cloud-based migration services. As compared to 2018, the cloud services market in Australia has soared by 20.6% in 2019. Additionally, more than 90% of SMEs in Australia are expected to migrate to the cloud, and over 80% of large and medium-sized data centres are predicted to outsource their data centre operations by 2023 [1].

Other highlights

Cloud Services Manager at Tecala, Lee Apps says their old environment didn’t really impact its customers and came at a great cost to their team in terms of time and stress. Mr Apps adds as their business continues to expand, they needed a new and more reliable automated API-led system to assure their back-up systems were defensible.

The back-up troubleshooting that usually took hours every day has improved by 90% with the help of cloud technology by Rubrik. Additionally, Tecala now runs 11,000 back-ups every evening and has an expected failure rate of only 6/11000. In other words, it is calculated at around 0.05%. 

Rubrik’s partnerships with renowned public cloud providers, such as Azure, AWS, and GCP have also considerably decreased the lead time in configuring and deploying equipment to meet the needs of the customers down from several months to just a couple of hours.

Expansion of Tecala in times of the pandemic


Rubrik has worked closely with Sydney-based Tecala to completely revamp its environment by fitting its modern architecture across Tecala’s Australian data centres. Rubrik’s environment overhaul has given Tecala the push and confidence it needed to continue to expand in these uncertain times of coronavirus.

Tecala saw what was to come ahead and went remote early, which let them help its customers do the same when it was made mandatory. Mr Apps says Rubrik’s scalability has helped in making Tecala’s processes more seamless for their customers. It has also helped them to continue to get new customers onboard through their Australian Service Operations Centre, despite the pandemic, adds Mr Apps.

Tecala is an Australian end-to-end Managed Services Provider (MSP). The company has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Its expertise lies in Managed Cloud, Infrastructure and User Support services. It also offers a comprehensive infrastructure-as-a-service practice, disaster recovery and data protection. The company also provides its customers with interconnectivity, both voice and data, through its national network services, leveraging modern (SDWAN) and traditional architecture MPLS.


[1] Report Linker (2020) “Australia Data Center Market – Investment Analysis and Growth Opportunities 2020-2025” [Online] Available from: [Accessed July 2020]

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