Technology is at a stage where it is automizing every single thing. A lot of industries are making use of information technology to improve their service offerings. As a result, brands and companies are growing at a lightning-fast rate. Trending in the latest tech news is that, SpotHero, the parking app has introduced a service that aims at preparing the future of driverless cars.

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This offering by the company is said to be a huge step as it directs its intentions mainly towards human-driven car-sharing fleets. Which is why the future will have more of driverless cars, thus making commuting faster and completely technology-driven. Read on to know more about the app’s initiative.

What is SpotHero?

SportHero is a parking app and has a base in Chicago. The company has its operations spread across New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Washing DC. Since its inception in 2011, the core service that the company provides is to connect drivers to a list of parking spots in a huge number of garages spread across North America.

The company offers a list of other services that are aimed at making the everyday commute of people use cars easier. As SportHero expanded its list of services, companies have approached them to connect with them and make use of their wide-spread network, API and benefit their customers by providing add-on features and services.

SpotHero’s Initiative of Driverless Cars

With the trend of driverless cars becoming more and more popular, SpotHero has grabbed the opportunity to tweak this trend and use it for its own benefits. The company has come up with a service that targets on-demand companies and shared mobility services. SpotHero has launched this service in order to make matters easier for commercial and car-sharing fleets when it comes to finding the desired number of parking areas at any given day and time.

This service will be available to the app’s users and access to SpotHero’s network consisting of 6,500 garages spread across 300 cities. The app’s users can use this service even in high traffic areas and are connected through one single invoice to streamline payment. SpotHero’s service is definitely going to simply parking issues for car-sharing fleets.

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The new service launched by SpotHero has changed the scene of parking solutions around the globe. It has also benefitted the company as it has received funding of upto $67.6 million by far. As SpotHero’s service offering is becoming popular, there are other parking app companies coming up with various solutions aiming to solve parking problems. If parking app’s continue to launch such advanced services, road commute, and parking affairs are definitely going to get better and easier.

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