HR platform FaceCruit has made its digital platform accessible for free to job seekers who lost their jobs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has taken this step to help job seekers by giving them a competitive advantage in landing a new job. FaceCruit is an online platform that allows employers and job seekers to integrate videos into their existing recruitment processes and job applications.

In a statement, FaceCruit Managing Director Nick Thompson said that during the pandemic, 10 million Australians and 40 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits. The online jobseekers platform wants to help people get people back on their feet and will do so by offering its video CV services for free.

About FaceCruit

FaceCruit is an online video interview platform based in Australia with presence across the globe. This HR platform offers its services for both recruiters and people looking for a job. Their platform has modernized recruitment processes by allowing job seekers and employers from all over the world to rely on video interviewing technology. 

The company is all about helping individuals and employers put their best face forward via their leading video technology. FaceCruit helps job seekers be seen beyond a piece of paper and gives them space to truly express and represent themselves. Job seekers can upload pre-recorded video as a part of their profile. It can also be sent to employers by embedding the profile link into their cover letter or digital resume.

The company understands that screening resumes, organizing the initial call and the face-to-face interview can be time and money consuming. FaceCruit eases the process by letting employers create a set of question which can be sent to suitable candidates for pre-screening. In addition to candidate information like qualification, work experience and accolades, employers can include a requirement for an online video interview for job applicants. 

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More about the announcement

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Mr Thompson said it is incredible that recruiters still shortlist candidates based on a two-page CV. FaceCruits want to give job seekers an opportunity to make a lasting impression and more personal impact on employers through quick video introductions. Platforms like ZOOM have become a useful business tool during the pandemic and FaceCruit predicts pre-recorded interviews to be just as important as resumes when it comes to the job search process.

There are so many job seekers who don’t want to rely simply on their resumes when applying for a job. It is really tough to make yourself stand out from the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other resumes that land up at the employer’s desk. Thompson adds that people underestimate how much a potential employee’s demeanour matter at a workplace and influences whether they get hired or not. Videos add a personal touch that a resume simply cannot. FaceCruit provides job seekers with the opportunity to tell employers more about their personality and their character than a resume ever can. 

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