Artificial intelligence is starting to show its power in all the industries. And the field of medicine is no exception. As medical practitioners and professionals are coming to realize the capability that ai-tech has, they have been increasing starting to use it in every domain of the industry. On similar lines, Notable Labs, the company that works on developing ai-based cancer treatment tech has acquired $40 million in series B funding to expand its services worldwide. B Capital Group and previous investors of Notable Labs named LifeForce Capital led this new financial round.

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As cancer is a disease that has no dedicated cure, Notable Labs is doing its bit to research and develop a remedy that is close to cure and curb the level of cancer ratio. Keep reading to know about Notable Labs’s investment and how it is going to put it into use.

About Notable Labs

Notable Labs is a California-based company specialized in providing personalized drug combination testing for cancer patients. The company was founded by Matt De Silva in 2014. The CEO and founder Matt De Silva decided to launch this organization after his father developed brain cancer and no defined treatment was received. This one incident led to another and finally, Notable Labs was founded.

Notable’s ai-based tech works in a manner where its oncological approach predicts certain instances for patients. It estimates which patients are able to respond to drugs by applying various treatments to cancerous cells as well; as healthy white blood cells. This produces a therapeutic index which is then recorded to identify how of the cells actually survive. The whole process of screening takes up to five days considering Notable’s sample-analyzing robots.

Notable Labs Plan With $40 million

Notable Labs has previously received a remarkable amount in their series A round of funding. The funds received then were used to validate the company’s technology and helped them in the clinical trial of their drugs.

Notbale’s plan with the funding received now is to expand to locations beyond U.S. The company’s CEO and founder, Matt De Silva expressed, combining, technology and biology will certainly help to curb the rate at which diseases like cancer are spreading. The money gained is going to help Notable Labs in conducting their clinical trials at a much accurate rate and come up with results that would definitely help in reducing cancer as a disease as a whole.

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With numerous ai-tech being used in the medical field, the industry is going to observe a lot of changes. This technology by Notable Labs is going to transform how patients are going to be treated and the outcome is going to be nothing but positive. Let us hope and wait for many such technological advancements to be introduced that would benefit us all!

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