The inception of technology has clearly made everyday life easier and convenient. The use of AI, as well as various technologies, simplifies how human beings function in general. To make matters clear, Dreamlight has introduced a new eyemask named Zen, that helps wearers to relax and sleep better. This new device makes use of lights as well as music as an add on feature.

Dreamlight Zen is definitely going to be a hit in the meditation crowd. ALong with that, the way it’s designed is also novel and different and stands out from the other devices that Dreamlight has previously launched. Read on to know more about Dreamlight Zen and its features.

About Dreamlight

Dreamlight is a company that designs and produces smart systems with the aim of regulating the sleep of wearers. It is a company that uses light therapy in all its devices to help calm wearers. Its aim is to help in meditation, optimize deep sleep as well as act as a perfect remedy for jet lag.

To add on to its list of devices, Dreamlight offers products like Dreamlight Ease, Dreamlight Pro, Dreamlight Heat. The devices consist of sleep-aid audio that helps wearers to create a relaxed state for themselves. The company also offers customization recommendations to users depending upon the user’s sleep cycles and other factors.

Dreamlight Zen: The Smart Eyemask

Dreamlight Zen is the latest addition to Dreamlight’s range of eyemasks. It is a device that comes with ambient light and built-in audio content. This feature is the highlight of the system as it helps wearers to relax better. Along with that, the design of the device is impressive because it allows wearers to meditate deeply.

The 3D facial mapping technology that the devices come in is ideal as it comfortably fits on all different face shapes. The mask is also detachable so cleaning it is also a hassle-free job. All the audios are pre-installed in the system which is an add-on convenience option. Besides the built-in audio, individuals can also play their own music with the help of a Bluetooth connection.

Features of Dreamlight Zen

Dreamlight has done an excellent job with Zen’s design. It is one of the most comfortable wearables made. The system comes with a foam eye mask that wraps around the wearers head and is secured by velcro. It is has a tight grip ensuring no light comes out. On the inner side of the mask, there are flexible circuits connecting the speakers, an optical heart-rate monitor, infra-red sensors as well as LED panels. The perfect design of Dreamlight Zen allows the wearer to have a unique experince blocking all the external influences.

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