Attention Capital, the latest outfit that purchases, develops, and scales media brands, is obtaining Girlboss, the female-focused multi-media business established by Sophia Amoruso, who will enter the firm as a founder partner.

A spokesperson for LA-based Girlboss refused to reveal terms of the deal but stated that Attention Capital had got 100% of the business. 

Amoruso’s Journey With Nasty Girl & Girlboss 

Girlboss had put $3.1 million in venture capital funding in 2017 from Lightspeed Venture Partners

This announcement describes Amoruso’s second exit, though her first M&A deal was more of a redemption operation. 

She earlier founded and managed the millennial retailer Nasty Gal, turning it from a small eBay store to a fashion giant that saw more than $300 million in sales at one point in time. 

Eventually, Nasty Gal failed its way. 

The business registered for Chapter 11 bankruptcy security in 2016, after raising $65 million across its ten years of operation.

In 2017, Nasty Gal was obtained for a meager $20 million.

Meantime, Amoruso was on to a different and similarly venture-backed business, one born out of the progress of her book, #GIRLBOSS, which the firm said has sold more than 500,000 copies after it was published in 2014.

Sophia Amoruso's addressing at Attention Capital | IT Munch

Who is Attention Capital?

Attention Capital was established by media heavyweights, including previous Fox Networks Group president Joe Marchese, Snap’s prior head of content Nick Bell, and former Palantir executive Ashlyn Gentry.

It tries to get media and technology platforms that “accurately measure and value attention and are placed to benefit in a market change of the attention economy exponentially.” 

The current firm intends to raise $500 million, according to the previous reporting. 

Attention Capital has earlier acquired a bulk stake in Tribeca Enterprises through a deal managed by James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems.

Girlboss is a globally known name that is redefining what it intends to be entrepreneurial.

It is not just beginning your own business; it is taking a risk, viewing for that next role, creating a career switch, and exerting a step into the unknown.

Millions of women seem more content going on this journey because they understand they have Sophia and the global Girlboss association right there with them. 

The dedication and passion that this brand seizes make it a huge market possibility, and at Attention Capital, ey are looking forward to serving with the team on Girlboss’s development.

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