Gecko Robotics has piloted $40 million in funding as it looks to create an additional 40 robots over the next year to reach what the company views as increasing demand for its security and infrastructure monitoring services.

The Story of Gecko Robotics 

They are fast-growing, solving crucial infrastructure problems that affect lives, and can even save lives.

At the core, they are a robot-enabled software firm that assists stop life-threatening emergencies. 

They have produced an innovative way to employ robots as an enabler to obtaining data for predictability of infrastructure, overcoming failure, explosions, eruptions, and billions of dollars of damage each year.

During the three years following its launch in 2016, Gecko Robotics has succeeded to develop from a small team of Pittsburgh robotics experts addressing from Carnegie Mellon. 

Certainly, the company has included more than 100 new workers. 

The recruiting push has been widely around building a team of equipped experts in particular market segments who can manage the robots that Gecko extends to industrial work sites.

There has been something of a robotics change in the security and compliance market across the past few years. 

From automated equipment lines to warehouses and presently to chemical plants and refineries, robots are earning their presence felt.

Moreover, Gecko is not the only company that is attempting to tackle the market. 

Additional companies like Invert Robotics, a Christchurch, New Zealand-based company, has developed its own ambitious robotic safety inspector.

The opening pitch from Gecko succeeded in drawing angel investors like Mark Cuban, Deep Nishar (managing partner at SoftBank), Josh Reeves, and Jake Seid, the managing director at Stone Bridge Ventures.

Presently the company joins the Midwestern venture capital juggernaut Drive Capital to its stable of investors.

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More About The Funding

Mark Kvamme, a leading investor and partner at Drive Capital, said that he sees the wondrous potential for Gecko’s business design, and they are on the way to becoming a market leader in their industry.

Gecko Robotics has previously started a 20,000-square-foot office in Houston and has facilities in Houston, Austin, and Pittsburgh.

Gecko presently has 60 robots in its shelter of robots and will add another at least 40 more across the course of the year.

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